Why You Should Do Business With Us


To be competitive in today’s brokerage general agency business you need to have multiple carriers, high commissions, superior service and state of the art technology. What often gets lost in the “mega” Broker General Agency is the personal touch – the people.

At CBS we pride ourselves on our personal touch. We want our customers to know each person they come in contact with. We want our employees to be on a first name basis with our customers. We don’t hide behind emails or push you to a website – we return calls with calls and treat each interaction with the same level of professionalism we would employ if it were our own personal case. Every case counts.

Like the “mega” BGAs we have a robust website with the latest tools, affiliations with many of the top carriers and commissions that are among the highest in the industry. Where we differ is in our commitment to service which is the cornerstone of our business.

Our experienced and dedicated insurance professionals are focused on delivering the service you need to grow your business. We understand how important each step of the process is – from the licensing and appointment process through commissions. If the ball is dropped anywhere during the process, the case is lost.


At CBS our people make the difference.

Marketing Assistance


Many of the larger brokerage firms’ main area of support consist of an 800 number with an “expert” on the other end of the line. While this is a valuable resource, and we have it too, our idea support goes much further.

Our idea of support is deploying people and systems directly into your geographical market that are absolutely proven at helping advisors gain new clients. We sponsor various workshops, seminars, live promotion at community events, and informational conferences, etc., that have the proven ability to help advisors generate new client relationships.

Ease the Disadvantages of Being an Independent Broker


There are many advantages to not being under a parent company, but you may find that without a parent company you are losing the support and tools that could be beneficial to you and your clients. Cornerstone Brokerage Services provides the tools and techniques that will help you succeed as a broker, and with the freedom to work with multiple product providers. Not being tied down to one product manufacturer means that you can offer the services that actually fit the needs of your clients. You have the freedom and objectivity to not be under pressure to promote a proprietary product when something else could be better. You can provide the best service from start to finish.

We have worked hard to develop strong relationships with all of our product manufacturers, and in doing so, we have developed knowledge and expertise in all of the products we have. If we don’t know the answers to your questions, we know someone who does.

What’s more, products are only the tools. It’s really all about how you use them that makes your services valuable to your clients. Therefore, we focus more on techniques than just tools.


Advantages of Working with Cornerstone:

  • Dozens of product provider options
  • Progressive compensation
  • Educational resources
  • Company provided marketing resources