How to Use WinFlex Web

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Log In using the User Name and Password established during the registration process

These are two options on how to illustrate:

start This button gives you full illustrations


wfexp_caps This button gives you quick quotes.

All our carriers will show up on this page. Once you select a company, all their products will populate the area above the create client tab and then you have to click on the product you are looking to quote to get to the create client tab.

This is the page where you input the clients’ data and case detail.

Another really nice feature of this software is that it allows you to run an illustration from one carrier, then you can change the company and product and it will populate the other companies software with the same case design if you want.

So, if you have an illustration that’s more detailed then usual it will save you time and hassle.

Note the tabs in the main section.This is where you input all the details about the client and the proposed case.

Each tab is a drop-down menu of options or parameters that are used by the system to calculate the proposal and render an illustration.

After you are satisfied with your data inputs press the calculate button.

The system then starts calculating and building the illustration. After it is complete, you will see the “Client Results Summary” box appear.

If there is an error, which is usually because the input parameters conflict with each other, an error message will appear.

If you click on the error message, the system will pop up an error box where you can adjust the input parameters to ebable the system to complete the calculations and render the illustration.

This is a summary of what you illustrated and click on the pdf to view the actual illustration!

Notice off to the side: This is where all your previous illustrations will be saved and the bottom one will be the one you are currently working on.

WinFlex delivers professional, fully compliant illustrations for all of our carriers.

They can be printed in PDF format or emailed to a prospective client.