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AIG – American General

Resources from American General

American General is enjoying a great year. Top NLG pricing, a great value story with the AG Asset Protector and Enhanced Surrender Value Rider along with a fantastic promotion for advisors have led to an avalanche of sales. Advisors who have taken the time to understand the nuances of their product line up are winning cases based on the value of the product rather than the price. At the same time, American General has quietly built one of the Strongest Advanced Markets Teams in the business. For more about them and their capabilities, check out the resources below.

Advanced Markets Resources

  • Advanced Markets Portal -The one stop for all of American General’s Advanced Markets resources.
  • Concept Presentations – Consumer-approved materials to educate and inspire planning for estate planning, business planning, charitable giving and more.
  • Reference Library – Exhaustive and searchable library of detailed information regarding tax law, complex concepts and other information useful for case design.
  • Market Training – Free CE credit-approved courses with step-by-step training on topics including estate, business and retirement planning, charitable giving and taxation.  See the Continuing Education FAQ for details.
  • Specimen Documents – If you need a head start on that next Buy/Sell, Charitable Giving or other Advanced Markets case, American General’s specimen document library can provide a starting point for the other advisors involved in the transaction, such as the client’s attorney or CPA.
  • OnTopic: American General’s periodical focused on the latest developments in the financial and estate planning industry

Product and Marketing Resources

  • Master Playbook – A collection of marketing resources, sales ideas and product and underwriting guides.

Producer Resources

  • Producer Website – eStation
  • Rapid Rater – Want to run quotes via the web?  Check out the Rapid Rater from American General.
  • Mobile App – Want to run quotes on your iOS or Android device?  Check out the Mobile Rapid Rater from American General.
  • – a fresh look at the link between retirement planning and life insurance.



Assurity – a company you can count on…

We’re not as big as some insurance companies, it’s true. But we’ve been around a long time. We pack a punch. High-touch service is in our DNA and we impact bottom lines. When it comes to insurance benefits, we aim to be your most valuable asset, your staunchest supporter. And we know that when you choose to do business with us, it’s only the beginning. We’ll work with you to create and customize an optimal plan design that fits your clients’ needs, helping to grow your business so we can earn the right to do so again and again. Why? Because we want every individual you work with to understand how our benefits can improve their lives, at a low cost and hassle-free. Because nobody should miss the opportunity to protect both themselves and their families.

Our culture

With a heritage dating back to 1890, Assurity has long-lived our mission of helping people through difficult times. We are a mutual organization owned by our policyholders and our unrelenting commitment to financial strength and stability has consistently earned us an A.M. Best rating of A- (Excellent). Assurity is the first major life and specialty health insurer to become a Certified B Corporation®, demonstrating we meet rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility.

Why a focus on middle-income America?

  1. Undeveloped Market – A recent LIMRA survey found that only 46% of middle-income consumers own individual life insurance. In fact, 1 in 4 respondents indicated they had no life insurance at all![1]
  2. Few Barriers to Entry – While insurers and advisors focus on the affluent segment, the large middle-income population has been increasingly ignored.
  3. They Need Your Help – A significant portion of this group are “boomers” in their peak earning years who require guidance in saving for retirement and managing their cash flow.

Producer resources – Official site highlighting company history, products, news, and a customer center providing a variety of service forms.

AssureLINK – Assurity Life Insurance Company’s secure agent portal. Access to illustration software, sales support, e-application, marketing and educational materials. – Higher health care deductibles and out of pocket expenses continue to trend poorly for your clients. We can help. – Disability insurance can fit just right into your goals of building your businesses while helping your clients achieve their financial goals. Let’s explore how DI fits into your business.


Designed to support long-term financial success by protecting against the financial hardships arising from death, illness, and injury.  Additionally, our portfolio includes both simplified issue products and non-medical limits (for fully underwritten products), to help conserve your most scarce resource – time.

Individual Insurance Solutions – Product Portfolio

  • Disability Income – Provides monthly income if your client is sick or injured and cannot work.
  • Critical Illness – If your client is diagnosed with a serious illness, we provide a lump sum payment to help.
  • Life Products – We offer a variety of solutions to meet both short-term and long-term life needs.
  • Annuities – A tax-deferred investment to secure your client’s financial future.

Insurance products and services are offered by Assurity Life Insurance Company in all states except New York. In New York, insurance products and services are offered by Assurity Life Insurance Company of New York, Albany, NY. Product availability, features and rates may vary by state.

Real people to help you!

When it comes to high-touch service, ours puts the person in personal; actions make big impacts on the lives of clients and policyholders.  Reach out to our new business contact center for all your needs – from contracting to issue.  Call 800.276.7619, ext. 4264.

Meet the sales team

Andrea Blanchard
Southeast Regional Sales Manager
800-276-7619 ext. 4533
Connect with Andrea on LinkedIn

Marysol Alarcon
Regional Sales Coordinator
800.276.7619 ext. 3701
Connect with Marysol on LinkedIn




Who We Are-

Our parent company, Americo Life, Inc., is a holding company providing life insurance and annuity products.

Americo Life, Inc., is a holding company and is not responsible for the financial condition or contractual obligations of its affiliate insurance companies.

The Americo family of companies includes:

-Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company (formerly known as The College Life Insurance Company, founded in 1946)

-The Ohio State Life Insurance Company, founded in 1906 and Great Southern Life Insurance Company, founded in 1909

-United Fidelity Life Insurance Company, Financial Assurance Life Insurance Company, National Farmers Union Life Insurance Company, and Investors Life Insurance Company of North America

Each of these companies has a long, successful history on which Americo is building its future. Today, all sales and marketing activities are facilitated through Americo in Kansas City, MO.

Total Assets-

Total assets have grown 1,011% since 1988 to $6.3 billion.2 We have kept pace with this dramatic growth by investing  in technology that makes doing business with us easy  and efficient.

Investment Portfolio We maintain a high-quality liquid investment portfolio. Investment grade bonds make up 96% of our fixed income investments.

Information is as of year-end 2016 on a consolidated basis for Americo and the other life insurance subsidiaries of Americo Life, Inc., unless otherwise indicated. Information is prepared on the basis of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Excellent Ratings-

We continue to receive high performance ratings from independent evaluators, such as A.M. Best.

As of 01/01/17, our ratings continue to be strong:

“A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company

Rating for Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company (Americo), October 2016. Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company has a financial strength rating of A (Excellent, 3rd out of 15 rating categories). A.M. Best’s rating is assigned after a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative evaluation of a company’s balance sheet strength, operating performance, and business profile. A.M. Best uses a scale of 15 ratings, ranging from “A++” to “F.”


Product Choices & Service-

We have a wide range of products to fit your needs.  We offer life insurance, annuities, and Medicare Supplement in a broad range of markets.

We focus on  five markets:

  • Mortgage
  • Senior
  • General Life
  • Final Expense
  • Medicare Supplement

We appreciate our policyholders and strive to provide quality products and service. You have access to fast, knowledgeable customer service representatives, and online access. At, you can locate a local agent, use an insurance calculator, learn about life insurance and annuities, and much more.

With Americo you will have a wide selection of life, annuity, and Medicare Supplement products to fit  your needs that are backed by a financially strong, stable company that provides a tradition of excellent customer service.






Resources from AXA

2014 has ushered in a new product era at AXA, and with it, a collection of sales ideas that highlight the unique nature of the AXA product line.  Before you can talk sales ideas, however, you need to know the basics of IUL.  AXA can help you bring that reluctant agent up to speed with a thoughtful, conservative approach to product design and solid training resources.

Training and Education

Sales Ideas

  • Smooth Sailing on Uncertain Waters: Avoid selling into a loss with this supplemental retirement income strategy.
  • The Buy-Sell Triple Play: Be more effective in the business market with this strategy for addressing three key business continuity issues: death, disability and retirement.
  • AXA Private Reserve: Using life insurance as a flexible source of capital to fund a variety of needs on your terms, not the bank’s.
  • The Roth IRA Alternative: A great solution for clients who are not eligible for a Roth, or are frustrated by contribution limits.

Advanced Markets Solutions on Demand

AXA’s Solutions on Demand is a collection or pre-packaged sales concepts with associated marketing materials, pre-approach letters and implementation guides to help you turn your producer into a subject matter expert who closes more cases.  Topics include:

  • Long-Term Care Planning
  • Executive Benefits
  • Uncover Opportunities with the 1040 Overlay
  • Concentrated Stock Diversification Strategies
  • And more…..

Check out the entire collection at the AXA Advanced Markets Solutions on Demand microsite.

AXA Live with Advanced Markets

Listen in as the team at AXA discusses planning strategies that highlight the unique strengths that AXA brings to the table.



Check Out Advanced Markets retirement buy-sell Case Study! 

Top 10 reasons to consider the Long-Term Care Services Rider!

Life Insurance with the Long-Term Care Services Rider (closely held business) 

Brighthosuse Financial (MetLife)

Brighthouse Financial


Resources from Brighthouse Financial

May 23, 2017 – ProdMod: Brighthouse Financial’s Premier Accumulator Approved in NY, Becomes Conversion Product for NY Term Policies

The launch of Brighthouse Financial of New York brings a cascade of additional changes for existing policy holders along with opportunities for new sales. Brighthouse Financial’s Premier Accumulator Universal Life (PAUL) is now not only available for sale, but is also the conversion product for New York term insurance policies. Read on for the details.

Effective May 22, 2017, Brighthouse Premier Accumulator Universal Life (PAUL) will be issued in New York by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of NY. PAUL issued by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of NY features: no surrender charges and a 4.00% current interest crediting rate.

Transition Rules:

  • Applications for PAUL issued by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of NY will be accepted beginning on May 22, 2017.
  • In good order applications for PAUL issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company must be received in the Home Office on or before May 22, 2017.
    • These cases must be issued and paid by the earlier of June 30, 2017 or actual legal separation. Cases that do not meet the issue and payment deadline will be closed.
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company policy owners will not be eligible to exchange to PAUL issued by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of NY.
Term Conversion Update:
  • Brighthouse Financial term policies issued in New York may be converted to PAUL issued by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of NY. Conversions to Whole Life 2008 issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company will not be accepted after May 22, 2017.
  • Please note that term conversion product availability, as described here, will also apply when other contractual provisions, including group conversions, are exercised that require issuance of a new policy.
For additional details, please see the formal announcement from Brighthouse Financial.

May 1, 2017 – ProdMod: Brighthouse Financial Eliminates 100% of Surrender Charges on Premier Accumulator UL

The “devil is in the details” and Brighthouse Financial has made it easier than ever to communicate the unique feature set of the Premier Accumulator UL. While the complete elimination of surrender charges will likely grab the most attention, it is the update to the illustration that will help focus advisor’s attention on the most important details of the PAUL story: expenses and liquidity. Read on for the details!

As mentioned above, the Premier Accumulator UL (PAUL) is now surrender charge free! To make it easier to drive that point home, Brighthouse Financial made the following changes to the illustration:

New First 24 Month Detailed Summary Report

This new report provides the client and advisor the opportunity to view monthly charges, interest and cash surrender value for the first two years on a month by month basis. Most single premium PAUL policies will have a Cash Surrender Value equal to premiums paid within the first 24 months. To add this report to an illustration, select “First 24 Month Detail Summary” in the Reports tab.

Enhanced Detail Summary Report

This report now separates out the Monthly Coverage Expense Charge and Monthly Policy Charge into separate columns allowing the client and advisor a more transparent view of charges and credits on an annual basis.

Updated Non-Guaranteed Policy Value Ledger

When the assumed interest rate is entered as 2%, the ledger heading will now read “Values Assume Non-Guaranteed Charges and a Guaranteed 2.00% Interest Rate.” Previously, the ledger heading read “Values Assume Non-Guaranteed Charges and a Non-Guaranteed 2.00% Interest Rate.”

A word about illustrations: 

  • To run an illustration on the new version of PAUL, select Premier Accumulator Universal Life 2017 in WinFlex..
  • The First 24 Month Detailed Summary and Detail Summary Reports must be selected in the Optional reports Tab.
  • The First 24 Month Detail Summary can be found on page 16 of this sample illustration.
  • The Detail Summary Report can be found on page 13 of this sample illustration.
  • The updated Non-Guarantedd Policy Ledger can be found on page 9 of this sample illustration.

Transition Rules:

Applications submitted on or after May 1st in approved states will receive PAUL with no surrender charges. In good order applications submitted in approved states prior to May 1st will receive PAUL with surrender charges. For these cases, applications can be amended to PAUL with no surrender charges prior to a policy being issued. Please contact your Life New Business Case Manager for assistance with this process.

Existing PAUL policyowners whose applications were submitted on or after March 6th will be eligible for a reissued policy with no surrender charges. These policyowners and their advisors will be contacted individually in a separate communication.

For additional details, please see the following resources from Brighthouse Financial:

March 16, 2017 – AIN Events: Working with Securities Based Advisors and Alternative Asset Classes

In today’s environment, many of us are seeking the “non-traditional” insurance producer and for good reason: These advisors already have client relationships and an intimate knowledge of the client’s assets. Of course, approaching these advisors in the same way we do the traditional insurance producer has proven to be challenging. Join AIN as we speak with Jordan Teel from Brighthouse Financial about how he approaches these advisors, encourages them to think about life insurance differently, and uncovers the kind of sales opportunities we would all like to working on in 2017.

AIN Events: Working with Securities Based Advisors and Alternative Asset Classes – March 22, 2017

March 3, 2017 – AdminUpdate: Important Changes to MetLife Forms and Illustration Systems Taking Place this Weekend

An important step in the separation of Brighthouse Financial from MetLife is taking place over the weekend. Monday marks the launch of the Brighthouse brand, and with it comes updated applications and other forms, new branding and product names on illustration systems and updated branding on current MetLife websites, including eNew Business.

Action Required:

All of these changes should happen automatically with the various MetLife managed resources and other third party services such as Ebix and iPipeline, but any paper stocks of forms should be destroyed.

Forms Transition Summary:

  • Paper applications, New Business and Post Issue forms will not be available from the close of business on Friday March 3, 2017 until the start of business on Monday, March 6, 2017.
  • Please destroy existing applications, New Business and Post Issue forms prior to March 6, 2017.
  • Brighthouse Life Insurance Company and Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of NY applications and documents will be available for use on Monday March 6, 2017. Transition rules will be implemented as follows:
    • If a Metropolitan Life Insurance Company application or forms are submitted after 3/3, the application will be rejected and you will be required to submit a Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of New York application to proceed.
    • If a MetLife Insurance Company USA application or forms arrive between 3/6 and 4/4, we will accept the application and amend the company name to reflect Brighthouse Life Insurance Company.
    • Beginning 4/5, MetLife Insurance Company USA applications and forms will no longer be accepted.
    • If a MetLife Insurance Company USA application or form arrives 4/5 or later the application will be rejected and you will be required to submit a Brighthouse Life Insurance Company application to proceed.
    • Effective March 6, applications, New Business and Post Issue forms are available at (Note: this URL will not work until March 6.)

Additional Resources:

Please see the following for additional information on the brand launch and corresponding transition described above:

October 10, 2016 – Brighthouse Financial Files Form 10 with SEC, Outlines Structure of Separation from MetLife

Earlier today, Brighthouse Financial took a major step forward in their separation from MetLife by filing their Form 10 with the Securities and Exchange Commission. While this was a widely anticipated move, it does serve to “start the clock” relative to the completion of the transaction, scheduled for some time in the first half of 2017.

AIN has remained in close contact with the leadership team at Brighthouse Financial, and will continue to communicate any and all developments as they occur. For now, those seeking to learn more about today’s filing may want to review the following:

Upon completion of the separation, Brighthouse Financial will be a major U.S. life insurance and annuity company, with $240 billion of total assets and approximately 2.6 million insurance policies and annuity contracts in force as of June 30, 2016. This would place Brighthouse Financial among the top ten largest life insurance companies operating in the United States. Brighthouse Financial will be led by Eric T. Steigerwalt, who will serve as president and chief executive officer.

One of the key questions that is answered in this document is the final disposition of the various statutory entities that currently exist under the MetLife umbrella. These will be allocated as follows post-separation:

Brighthouse Financial

  • MetLife USA
  • New England Financial
  • First MetLife Investors


  • Metropolitan Life
  • General American Life (GenAm)
  • Metropolitan Tower Life
  • The “direct to consumer” business

It is important to note that Brighthouse has now publicly declared that its sole focus from a distribution standpoint is independent third party, and that the terms of the separation indicate that MetLife will not have a presence in a retail capacity in the United States outside of the direct to consumer business referenced above.

July 22, 2016 – MetLife Announces the New Name of US Retail Business: Brighthouse Financial

MetLife has announced that it will rebrand its U.S. Retail business as Brighthouse Financial after it is separated from the Company. The timing and nature of the separation of this unit from the parent company remains under evaluation. Please see the formal announcement from MetLife for additional details as well as background relative to this transaction.



Foresters Financial

Foresters Financial is an international financial services provider with a unique history that began in 1874. More than 140 years later, Foresters continues to provide life insurance investment, retirement and savings solutions that help families achieve their long-term financial goals. Also of note is that Foresters Financial is a Fraternal Insurance Company, and as such, all policy holders are also Members of the International Order of Foresters which brings with it a suite of Member Benefits that provide value above and beyond that of the more traditional brokerage insurance companies. If you are curious about how Foresters may fit into your agency’s growth plan for 2017, please see the resources deployed below or reach out to the AIN Member Services Team.

Get to Know Foresters Financial

If you have not already been working with Foresters, as is the case with most AIN Members, a quick primer on who they are, what makes them unique, and some additional background about Fraternal Insurance Companies is the perfect place to start. Below please find a focused set of resources to start you on your way, and please feel free to navigate over to Foresters Financial’s web site for additional information.

Explore the Product Portfolio: Life Products

What’s on the shelf at Foresters Financial that can help solve your next Middle Market case or even expand into this market for the first time? A suite of products designed to provide solid consumer value and a much easier underwriting and new business experience for producers and consumers alike, particularly at more modest face amounts. Of course, the recent expansion of non-medical limits to face amounts as high as $400,000 means these products could be the right solution for more cases than ever before.

Take a deeper dive into these products and more like Foresters marketing materials, forms, the e-App Training Guide or the Contracting & Compensation Training Guide, available on Foresters Marketing Website.

Explore the Product Portfolio: Annuity Products

One of the strongest opportunities with Foresters Financial is the ability to distribute their Deferred Income Annuity, available through AIN for the first time in Independent Distribution in the United States. Their Single Premium and Flexible Premium Deferred Annuities can also be used as a QLAC, making them an even more attractive addition to an agency’s annuity offering.

Life Software and Illustrations

Foresters makes it easy to run illustrations and quotes, whether you are in your office or out in the field:

Global Atlantic


Global Atlantic

Accordia Life is now Global Atlantic! Of course, the resources you have come to expect from the team at Accordia Life remain right at your finger tips under the new Global Atlantic brand. There’s something here for new and experienced marketers alike, including one of the best comprehensive introductions to Advanced Markets concepts out there: Global Atlantic’s Advanced Markets Essentials.

The Business, Estate and Retirement Planning “Bible”: Global Atlantic Advanced Markets Essentials

If there is one resource from Global Atlantic that must make it onto your radar and into your day-to-day workflow, it is the Advanced Markets Essentials reference guide. This guide is a solid reference piece perfect for training newer producers and marketers, as well as serving as a ready reference when understanding the nuance of a planning concept is the lynchpin of a case. Thirty-eight different topics are discussed, including their application to the specific planning challenge a client may be facing. Quite simply, this is a “best-in-class” resource.

Sales Concepts

As great as a consolidated resource like Advanced Markets Essentials is, sometimes, a more narrowly focused approach is required. Accordia has deployed a robust library of sales concepts to help marketers and producers alike become better “story tellers” as the walk clients through any of the myriad solutions available to us.  Click through to the Advanced Markets area on to find over 30 unique pieces on the following topics:

  • Business Continuation
  • Estate Planning
  • Executive Bonus
  • Key Person
  • LIF PRO – Life Insurance Funded Personal Retirement Option
  • Non-Resident Planning
  • SI/GI Programs
  • Tax Information

Fact Finders

Help your producers stay organized with these three Fact Finders. All of them are concise, yet thorough enough to be used across multiple types of sales. No more searching for a “single-use” fact finder, these three will cover the vast majority of markets and case types:

  • Personal Needs Fact Finder: How much coverage is enough? Use this to guide a client through the decision making process
  • Client Fact Finder: A complete “client intake” guide perfect for use with new clients, or to find out more about existing clients.
  • Business Owner’s Fact Finder: Organizes everything you need to address Succession Planning, Key Person, Executive Benefits and more.

Meet the Team

The human capital at most insurance company home offices is greatly under-utilized by most Members. Meet the team at Accordia Life, and give them a call to discuss your next case.

John Hancock

John Hancock


John Hancock

John Hancock has long enjoyed a well-deserved reputation as a thought leader in the life insurance industry. Their Advanced Markets resources are truly best-in-class, and can help marketers and producers alike find and close more sales. The collection of resources here represents the best that John Hancock’s team has to offer, and is backed up by the full collection of resources available on JHSalesNet.

Interactive Calculators

John Hancock’s collection of interactive calculators is a powerful resource for producers seeking a greater level of detail in their understanding of a topic as well as their fact finding process. All of these topics are backed up by a module of the powerful JH Solutions suite of presentation materials. For more on JH Solutions, please contact one of the Advanced Markets Consultants via the toll free number below.

  • Business Valuation: Working in the business market? This resource will help you close more sales by increasing your knowledge and credibility. Understand the terminology, valuation methods and how much a business is really worth by using this powerful resource.
  • Needs Analysis: Sometimes the biggest obstacle to a sale is not knowing where to begin. Help producers motivate their clients to take action with this easy-to-use Needs Analysis package.
  • Retirement Needs: Clients know they should save more. Help them understand exactly how much more with this interactive calculator.
  • Estate and Gift Tax Calculator: Estate planning is still alive and well for some clients. If your producers are still working in this market, these resources can help them navigate the current estate tax landscape.
  • IUL Rate Translator: Begin to answer one of the biggest questions currently facing producers: What illustrative rate should I use?
  • Cost of Care Guide: A state-by-state guide to the cost of care for those needing various levels of care. Includes the ability to drill down to specific metro areas, the type of care and the impact of inflation. An immensely powerful tool for any producer in this market.
  • Know the Law: An interactive, state-by-state guide to taxes, creditor protection and marriage recognition
  • Creditor Protection: Do you know the specifics in your state? John Hancock’s state by state guide is a powerful reference tool!

Want more? Check out the entire collection of microsites deployed by John Hancock at

Stay Informed with John Hancock’s Resources

  • Central Intelligence: Is there anything going on in Washington D.C. or the courts that will impact your business? Read the monthly Central Intelligence report released by John Hancock’s Advanced Markets Team to stay in formed.
  • JHAM Radio: Need to make better use of your time in the car every day? Subscribe to the John Hancock Advanced Markets podcast to stay current on everything from ESOP’s, Long-Term Care, Planning for the Modern Family and more.
  • Because You Asked: A library of thought provoking articles on a variety of topics. A fantastic source of training materials for a marketer or producer looking to develop their personal skill set.

An Easier Way to do Business

Simplified Life – Easy Issue VUL: As we all seek new sources of production from non-traditional life insurance producers, programs like Simplified Life can facilitate the introduction of life insurance solutions to P&C agents, Wealth Managers and the like. Requires JH Salesnet User Name and Password.

Contact the John Hancock Advanced Markets Group

The Advanced Markets Group at John Hancock is more than just a collection of resources, it is a team of professionals ready, willing and able to assist you in designing a solution for your next case. Contact the team by calling:

  • 888-266-7498
    • Advanced Markets Consultants: Option 3
    • Advanced Markets Attorneys: Option 4

Doing Business with John Hancock

JH Life Guide: Everything you wanted to know about doing business with John Hancock. This resource will dramatically reduce training time for new employee’s (and maybe some old ones!) in the New Business department. Requires JH Salesnet User Name and Password.

Lafayette Life


The Lafayette Life Insurance Company

Resources from Lafayette Life Insurance Company

For more than a century, The Lafayette Life Insurance Company’s mission has been to maintain itself as a financially sound, quality driven, growth-oriented company, dedicated to meeting its customers’ requirements for life insurance products and services. Today, we provide life insurance and annuity products to individuals and small businesses through multiple distribution channels. Our individual product portfolio includes whole life, term life, indexed universal life, and fixed and indexed annuity products. In addition, we serve small to medium-sized businesses by offering pension plan products and services. With the strength of our organization and our ongoing commitment to serving you and your family, Lafayette Life Insurance is a company you can depend on.

Innovative Retirement Plans for Small Businesses

For over thirty years, The Lafayette Life Insurance Company has provided pension services to the small business market with:

  • Innovative Retirement Plans  – 412(e)(3) fully insured, traditional defined benefit, cash balance, profit sharing and 401(k) plans. Reasons to adopt each of these plans, and considerations, can be found here.
  • Convenience — One service provider for retirement plan designs, IRAs and distribution planning
  • Credentialed Staff — Our Team – Is made up of members of the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries, the Society of Actuaries, and the National Institute of Pension Administrators
  • Longevity — Your Retirement Services team has, on average, over 20 years of pension experience.

Lafayette Life Retirement Services could be your service provider for plan design options, document services, administrative services, funding options, and distribution planning. For more information about our retirement plans and services, please feel free to contact us:

  • Toll Free Number: 800-443-8793
  • Fax Number 513-362-2473
  • E-mail form

Developing a Retirement Book of Business

Lafayette Life Retirement Services could be your service provider for plan design options, document services, administrative services, funding options, and distribution planning. The Agent Guide to the Retirement Services Web Pages will help you navigate the Retirement Services web pages, allowing you access to our information quickly and conveniently. To partner with the Retirement Services Team and develop a pension book of business, follow these steps:

  • Prospecting – Identify your sources of pension prospects, and see what information is needed to complete a proposal.
  • Marketing Materials – The marketing materials are available to view and print, or to order from Lafayette Life. Retirement Services has a wealth of marketing materials, including:
  • Proposal: The Retirement Services team will prepare a customized proposal for your client with one or more plan options. A Pension Sales Consultant will review the proposal with you, and make all necessary adjustments. In addition, they can help you develop sales strategies for your presentation to the client. Retirement Plan Proposal Request Form. There is no cost to create a proposal!
  • Installation: Once the plan is sold, the Installation Packet is needed to complete the trustee manual, including the legal plan document. Specific insurance product applications will also need to be completed and submitted to Retirement Services.
    • The administrative service agreement, as well as fees for installation and ongoing administration can be found here.
  • Ongoing Administration: Retirement Services will provide annual valuations and funding requirements, if applicable, to your clients, and are available to answer questions concerning documents, administration, and funding.

Life Insurance in a Qualified Plan

Small businesses sometimes choose to purchase life insurance as a funding option for their qualified plan. There are a number of advantages in doing so, including tax deductible premiums, an income tax advantage at death, an easily understood benefit, and conservative plan funding. Learn more here.

Lafayette Life Media Center HERE

Consider this site a resource for information that helps you stay current on financial and risk management issues people face every day, as they plan… and act… to secure their financial future. Please explore the site – then contact us if you’d like more information.

Lafayette Life Education – HERE

This site will provide you with additional information on the following topics:

Contact us

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Have a question to ask or comment to express? Feel free to contact us – rest assured, your contact information will only be used by The Lafayette Life Insurance Company. An agent of the company will contact you directly.

Legal and General America (Banner Life)

Legal & General America


Visit to check out LGA’s Microsite! 

Lincoln Financial Group


Lincoln Financial Group

Resources from Lincoln Financial

As much as the current tax and economic environment highlight the strengths and unique features of the myriad insurance products we have at our disposal, there is also a developing body of work around ideas like managing your tax bracket, the need for tax diversification in retirement and the impact of non-reportable income on the balance of a retiree’s economic reality.  

Wealth Protection Expertise

Lincoln Financial has taken their game to a whole new level with the introduction of Wealth Protection Expertise: a fresh, new approach to the challenge of retirement income planning.  Having a solid accumulation strategy is no longer enough. Times have changed and so have client’s concerns.  This collection of resources builds on the Changing the Conversation materials to drive home the unique challenges retirees face and how to address them.

Five Key Issues

Want to know what is on client’s minds?  Take a look at the Five Key Issues identified by Lincoln Financial’s recent research: Taxes, Long-term Health Costs, Longevity, Inflation and Market Risk.

Client Perspectives

Learn about the 2014 M.O.O.D. Study of America: Measuring Optimism, Outlook and Direction and share the Understanding the Challenges white paper with advisors and clients alike.

Advisor Resources

Help clients understand not only these concepts, but also how they apply to their own financial situation.  Lincoln’s Client-friendly Calculators and Visualizer tools (Available at can help them understand how these issues will impact their own retirement plans.

Expertise in Action

There are even more resources deployed to help advisors and clients alike understand the Five Key Issues.  This series of white papers and case studies clearly demonstrate the importance of planning or the five key issues, and real world examples of how they can impact a client’s retirement income. Check out the entire collection curated on the Lincoln Wealth Protection Expertise microsite.

Changing the Conversation

Lincoln Financial has assembled a suite of resources designed to equip marketers and advisors alike with tools and vocabulary they need to “change the conversation” from a singular focus on taxes to the broader positive impact life insurance can have on a client’s retirement plans. The Tax Efficiency Campaign: A collection of advisor and client materials in various media types that will help you tell the tax-free, non-reportable income story.  This pdf contains links to the entire collection available from Lincoln. Need help getting started?  These selections from the Tax Efficiency Campaign will for the foundation for the balance of the materials:

The MoneyGuard Briefing

The other major concern for retirees is planning for long-term care or chronic illness expenses.  To help you stay current in this diverse and developing market, CBS brings you the MoneyGuard Briefing, a periodic electronic publication that focuses on the asset-based long-term care market.

Minnesota Life

Minnesota Life


Minnesota Life

Financial Strength

Minnesota Life, a mutual insurance company, has been serving policy holders since 1880 and has over $1 trillion of in force life insurance. Learn more about their history here, and see the following resources regarding their current financial strength:


Minnesota Life is an established player in the IUL market, and also offers more traditional insurance products like Whole Life, Term Life, Variable Life and Current Assumption UL. You can check out some of their unique niches in the Product and Underwriting Niches document in the Essentials Packet, along with the following highlighting some of their unique strengths:


Minnesota Life is now integrated into all of the Carrier Underwriting Cheat Sheets and their Field Underwriting Guide is also a great source of information. If you are looking for some specifics around underwriting niches that may help you win your next case, check out:

Advanced Markets and Agent Education and Training Materials:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can I access illustration software?
    • Minnesota Life web-based software: Minnesota Life’s primary software is delivered via their web site. Please see the access instructions below if you do not already have access to their web site.
    • WinFlex web. Minnesota Life is also on WinFlex Web. Simply add Minnesota Life to your Winflex web profile.
  • How may I access the Minnesota Life website?
    • Great news is that your office does not have to be appointed to access the website. Simply navigate to and click on the ‘Register’ link in the Login section on the left hand side of the page. This will allow you to establish a username and password, even if you do not have a unique Minnesota Life agent number.
  • Why do I need to enter the annual premium on the Minnesota Life Software?
    • Minnesota Life requires that you enter the total amount of premium that the client is paying in a policy year and then select the mode. For example, if the client is paying $500 per month, you need to enter $6,000 for ‘Annual Planned Premium’ and select the Monthly mode of payment.
  • How do I contact Minnesota Life Sales Support?
    • Minnesota Life Sales and Support Line: 1-888-413-7860
      • Option 1 – Life Product and Case Design/Illustration
      • Option 2 – New Business and Underwriting Support
      • Option 3 – Advanced Marketing Support
      • Option 4 – Inforce Service and Inforce Illustration
      • Option 5 – Broker Appointment and Contracting Information
      • Option 6 – Compensation Support
      • Option 7 – Website Support
  • Who is my Minnesota Life Regional?
    • Minnesota Life Brokerage Managers have been assigned for most offices. AIN can make an introduction if you have not connected with your Regional in 2016.
Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha


Mutual of Omaha

It seems that everyone is talking about delivering greater consumer value as a way to stand out in a commoditized product environment. Mutual of Omaha is no exception. However, their product offering comes without the usual complicating factor of an increased premium. The result is a risk management “triple threat” sale that provides truly cost effective solutions to three major concerns: Dying too early, suffering from a chronic illness, or living too long.

The Triple Threat Sale

The paragraph above says it all about the need. The issues of dying too early, living too long or falling ill along the way are very real. For some clients, however, a limited budget requires a single product solution to cover multiple risks. The challenge is educating producers and clients alike that these options are readily available from Mutual of Omaha at no additional cost:

  • Income Protection: Competitive NLG pricing that is now even lower
  • ABR rider for Chronic and Critical illness protection: One of the best in the business with 80% of face available, up to $1MM
  • Longevity Hedge with the GRO Rider: Perfect for a 50 year old client: 50% ROP @ 65, 100% ROP @ 70, 100% ROP @ 75

Mutual of Omaha’s GUL is the only NLG contract on the market with these features included in the base premium.

Raise Awareness: Update Your Strategy for Fulfilling Quote Requests

Changing advisorr and client behavior takes time, and a willingness to change the way we do business. An incredibly simple way to differentiate versus other BGA’s who simply “take the order” is to make a simple addition to any customized spreadsheet used to fulfill NLG quote requests. Add a Section to your Spreadsheet: Value Added Features Included Change things up by adding a few lines to any summary spreadsheet used in the NLG space.  It could look like this:

NLG Spreadsheet

Advisors, and their clients, will start to ask questions about the check marks. What do they mean? How does that rider work? What does it cost? This simple addition will lead to discussions about the other risk management strategies we use every day, including the Mutual of Omaha Triple Threat Sale.

Chip Shots

There are Mutual of Omaha cases sitting in your inventory right now, just waiting for you to find them. Use these two simple ideas to pick up some quick, easy sales: LTC/Chronic Illness Declines Mutual of Omaha is one of the rare companies that does not restrict the availability of their Chronic Illness ABR based on underwriting class. While other carriers require the client to be a T4 risk or better, for example, Mutual of Omaha will offer the rider to any proposed insured who receives a medical offer for life insurance, regardless of the rating. It does not matter what the original sale was, declines in these product lines can all potentially be solved by Mutual’s Chronic Illness ABR:

  • Traditional LTC
  • Asset-based LTC
  • LTC Riders on permanent life contracts
  • Chronic Illness Riders on permanent life contracts

The bottom line: if the client can get an offer, they get the rider.  Period. Term Insurance Why bring up term insurance as part of this discussion? Mutual of Omaha has a unique approach to conversions and the ABR Rider. While it is not contractually guaranteed, current company policy is to allow conversion to any permanent product, including the GUL with the ABR and GRO. What makes this powerful is that you can do it EVEN WHEN YOU ALREADY NEED CARE for a Chronic Illness. This is the ultimate “wait-and-see” planning strategy that can be done on a shoestring budget via term insurance.

Life Express SI Platform

Mutual of Omaha has a robust offering of SI and GI products for the smaller cases that good producers bring to their BGA.  While the case may be small, the need to provide top flight service to these producers is apparent. Solve these cases quickly with Mutual of Omaha’s Life Express products.

Learn More

For more information about Mutual of Omaha’s value added features, please download the following resources:

North American

North American Company


North American Life

Partnership for Growth

North American is the fastest growing life insurance company in the US! We do this by partnering with you to generate new business and opportunities for growth. Our private ownership allows us to make decisions for the long-term. We pride ourselves on our strong A+ ratings from A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s and history of stability since 1886.

Innovative Product Solutions

Our innovative and flexible products are designed to match your client’s needs with the right solutions. We pride ourselves in offering Sales Concepts that can help our distribution Partners make sales. Below are links to some of our most popular sales concepts including sales kits, marketing materials, client videos and agent videos: Annuity Maximization – Buy-Sell – Executive Bonus – Key Person – Client Review – College Funding – Estate Planning – Legacy Building – Longevity Planning – Pension Maximization – Retirement Planning – Smart Money – Marketing Landing Page –

Meet the Team

The team at North American is dedicated to helping you grow your business. Being employee-owned means our people go the extra mile to deliver for you and your clients. Andy Bakkegard – – 800.800.3656 ext. 36021 – Dedicated Marketer Agent Solutions Team – – 800.800.3656 ext. 10411 Advanced Underwriting Consultants – – 888.899.9190

Ohio National


You can find information on Ohio National by clicking here.





OneAmerica’s line of asset-based solutions for the Long-Term Care market are some of the strongest in the industry. Guaranteed premiums, the option for lifetime benefits and strong financial ratings are all critical parts of the OneAmerica story, and you can start learning more about their diverse product line below.

Product and Underwriting Resources

Illustration Access

Illustrations for the OneAmerica product line are available via the OneAmerica website. The web-based illustration system can be accessed by logging in here. User names and passwords will be issued once an agency’s contracting is completed. If you need illustration support in the interim, please contact any of the AIN Wholesalers or the sales desk at OneAmerica: 800-275-5101

Training and Education Resources

In addition to the Product and Underwriting Resources outlined above, OneAmerica has the following additional resources to help you gain a deeper understanding of their products, how they work, and how to position them in the marketplace, including:

Marketing Support

There are a tremendous amount of marketing resources available for co-branding to your agency. Please contact your OneAmerica RVP or their internal team for additional information:

Fall Marketing Campaign: Asset Care III: Helping Retirement Money Do Even More

OneAmerica has launched a new marketing campaign focused on one of their most powerful solutions: Asset Care III. This Life Insurance-based Long-Term Care solution is one of the only ways to use qualified funds to pay for Long-Term Care Coverage, all in a seamless package. Learn more about it by following this link.




Resources from Principal Financial

Principal is one of the few carriers with not only a robust product solution, but also a bundled administrative capacity and team of experts dedicated to the business market. All of these resources are in addition to their top flight underwriting and Regional Sales Team. Get to know more about their capabilities with the following:

The Business Owner and Executive Solutions (BOES) Platform

Accelerated Underwriting Platform

More than just a more efficient application process, AIN Members are using the Principal Financial Accelerated Underwriting Platform to change the way they do business, freeing up human capital and increasing profitability along the way.  You can find out more about the program via the resources below, or listen in as Neal Halder and Jeff Reed discuss the particulars in this recorded session.

Working in the Property and Casualty Market

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation

  • NQDC Trends: Solid market research focused on the experience of plan sponsors and participants
  • NQDC Video Series: A collection of educational videos for potential plan sponsors
  • NQDC Capabilities: Learn how Principal can help you make NQDC part of your business going forward

Thought Leadership

  • Do you follow Steve Parrish, National Advanced Solutions Director with the Principal Financial Group on  He posts weekly on topics that will help all of us find and close more sales.  You can check out his content via this link.
Protective Life



Resources from Protective Life

Protective Life had a huge 2013, and are off and running again in 2014. Part of the reason is product – they have some of the best death benefit focused insurance solutions on the market. The other reason is the resources they provide from a marketing perspective.

You can access the entire marketing library from Protective at, including the following topics that are truly the tip of the iceberg:

  • Estate Planning Basics
  • Financial Planning for Women
  • Working with Widows
  • Understanding Social Security

Consumer Facing Microsites

If you want a taste of the quality of the materials available, check out the following consumer facing sites deployed by Protective to help you and your producers sell more insurance by educating the client on issues that are clearly on their mind in today’s economy:

A Unique Approach to Term Insurance

While most Members are more focused on the large cases that can truly make or break a given year, there is an ever increasing focus on the so-called “flow business” that can smooth out the peaks and valleys associated with living and dying by the large case.  The challenge is finding a way to process these smaller cases profitably and perhaps even find a differentiated term insurance product to take to market.  Protective’s conversion privileges are some of the longest in the business, and they also offer a unique level premium, reduced death benefit option at the end of the level period that makes them worth a second, and perhaps even a third look.  Combine that with an excellent electronic application process, and it can change the way an office markets term insurance.  To learn more about these three elements of Protective’s term insurance offering, please see the links below.

  • Custom Choice Conversions: Conversions available to the earlier of the 20th policy year or age 70 on all term lengths.
  • Beyond the Level Period: A unique, level premium solution for clients who still need coverage at the end of the level period but can not afford a conversion.
  • Protective’s EZ-App: ( user name and password required)




Content will be available soon!





Resources from Symetra

The Member Firms who have taken the time to get to know Symetra have been rewarded with competitive underwriting, solid support from their Regional Sales Team, some of the lowest NLG rates in the industry and string target premiums. While some may think that NLG is going the way of the dinosaur, Symetra is uniquely positioned based on their lack of legacy NLG to weather the current interest rate environment and maintain their competitive position now and into the future. If you have not taken the time to get to know them, now is the time.

Why Symetra?

Their single life NLG pricing became even more competitive with the launch of LPB Premier:

They are financially strong:

They have the resources to help you close your next case:

Learn more about Symetra CEO Tom Marra and his thoughts on our industry in this interview on A.M. Best TV. (Note: Forward to the 3:50 mark for Tom’s commentary on Symetra’s life business) The Bottom Line: The NLG market has become incredibly challenging. Don’t show up to the gun fight with a knife. Make sure you are showing the most competitive NLG rates on your next case by running Symetra’s numbers. Better yet, enjoy a larger pay check based on their high target premiums, the best NLG targets in the industry.




Resources from Transamerica

Foreign National Marketing and Underwriting

Transamerica continues to develop their industry leading Foreign National Underwriting program under the guidance of long time friend of AIN, Chris Guerin. Member Firms interested in exploring this market in a more meaningful way can use the following Transamerica resources as a starting place:

Show your producers how to create “flow business” with the TOP Program

The TOP Program allows clients who have been fully underwritten in the last five years to obtain up to $1MM in additional coverage using an accelerated underwriting program that does NOT require an exam.  What makes this program unique is that there is a real reason to approach existing clients beyond the additional life coverage: Offer Chronic and Critical Illness coverage via the Trendsetter LB, one of the few term insurance products on the market that includes this type of coverage.  See below for everything needed to take this to market:

Sales Ideas from AIN and Transamerica

The Small Business Triple Play

Need a quick sales idea?  Walk your producer through the Small Business Triple Play, a unique application of the Transamerica TransACE Universal Life Contract, the MultiFlex Surrender Endorsement and the Long Term Care Rider.  Learn how the strategy benefits the business, the employee and even their spouse by reviewing this quick one-pager on the Small Business Triple Play.


Marketing Resources from Transamerica

In 2015, Transamerica launched a number of platforms that can be combined to educate, inform and incentives agents designed to increase connectivity between producers, agencies and the insurance company. The inside scoop is that these platforms can be promoted directly by agencies on a co-branded basis to deliver educational and training resources that are critical components of a successful marketing strategy. Please reach out to Jeff Reed at AIN for additional details on any of these value-added programs from Transamerica.

The Insurables

Over the summer, Transamerica introduced us all to an interesting group of people: The Insurables. This collection of client “personas” represents clients in each and every producer’s book of business. Transamerica has developed a treasure trove of market intelligence that will help producers identify these clients, identify likely pain points and match them up with a suitable product solution.

Learn and Earn

Transamerica has been hard at work investigating client demographic and psychographic data to identify specific client “personas” that are more inclined to both need and purchase specific risk management and retirement solutions. This research has lead to the launch of the Insurables Learn and Earn promotion, and the platform is another source of marketing content for agencies. The Insurables Learn and Earn promotion is designed to reward producers for doing business with Transamerica Brokerage by offering the opportunity to learn more about key client markets and earn prizes and potential commission enhancements on new sales.

Client Coach

Client Coach from Transamerica is a collection of training resources aimed at making producers more effective salespeople by honing their skills using a five-step process:

  • Step 1: Identify – Realize new opportunities by exploring different client markets
  • Step 2: Approach – Connect with clients and learn about their needs by asking the right questions
  • Step 3: Demonstrate – Use real-life scenarios to find the right product for a client
  • Step 4: Close – Handle objections and close the sale
  • Step 5: Review – Producers continue to grow their business by reevaluating existing clients and generating referrals

Break Away and Travel

Transamerica has a unique and powerful program for recruiting, retaining and rewarding producers. The Break Away Program offers BGA’s a chance to reward their producers with travel packages based on their sales with Transamerica.

Sample Co-Branded Client Coach Site

Now you can make your marketing campaigns easier than ever by adding your very own co-branded Transamerica’s marketing microsite to your agency web site. You’ll always have the latest product and concept information, marketing materials, underwriting news and tools available for your producers.

Voya Financial




Resources from Voya Financial

Voya has developed what is arguably the most robust suite of resources focused on the changes in both the economic environment and the life insurance industry. Their Accumulation and Protection Platform includes resources that range from training on the fundamentals of Indexed Universal Life and the basics of the retirement planing challenges our clients face to advanced solutions for the business market using products with sophisticated crediting strategies and unique features. The have also made it extremely accessible via their robust web presence and the ongoing IUL Academy training sessions.

The Accumulation and Protection Platform

  • IUL Academy Training: These marketer and producer focused sessions have lead directly to increased IUL sale volume in multiple AIN Member Firms.
  • We The People: A client approved piece that summarizes the retirement planning challenges clients face ranging from increased taxes, reduced benefits from social programs and everything in between.
  • Superior Reporting: If you have ever been frustrated by the complex and confusing nature of insurance policy annual statements you simply must take a look at the Monthly Statements that ING provides for owners of all IUL products. Hands down the best in the business.
  • Global Life Concierge: If your producers have ever expressed concern about the long-term management of an indexed universal life contract or who will help their clients if they are not around, the Global Life Concierge service center is a great solution. Income planning is really just the beginning as the specially trained experts help you keep your clients on the straight in narrow whether in the accumulation or income phase.
  • Hypothetical Index Strategy Calculator: A strong research tool to help you and your producers understand the difference between an average return and a 90th percentile return as well as why clients need to know the difference.

The SOLAR Strategy: Taking a Deeper Dive

There may not be a more misunderstood strategy than Voya’s SOLAR Strategy. While many think that the strategy, and even the product, are “too complicated” for most, the reality is that by using the entire suite of resources available from Voya within the SOLAR strategy, an agency can become expert in the use of life insurance as a retirement planning tool.  It all starts with understanding that SOLAR can be broken down into four bullet points that combine to deliver the “Holy Grail” of retirement planning: Relief from Current Taxation, Tax-Deferred Growth, and Tax-Free, Non-Reportable Growth. SOLAR, Simplified It all comes down these four elements:

  • SOLAR is a retirement supplement
  • It is funded with after tax dollars
  • It uses a participating loan, what Voya calls a Select Loan, beginning in year one to offset the impact of taxes while the loan amount remains in the indexed account.
  • The client can elect to use a Net Select Loan to make the paperwork easier.  It produces the same outcome as contributing the full premium into the contract and then taking the loan by simply electing the Net Select Loan on the application.

SOLAR can be used on an individual client, as part of an executive bonus strategy, or even to create an elective deferral program. To learn about each of these three options, please click through to the appropriate link below.

  • Retirement Extra: The SOLAR Strategy applied to an individual client
  • SOLAR: The original, based on an executive bonus plan.  Great for business owners, particularly with pass-through entities.
  • The 401(k) Lookalike: Use the SOLAR Strategy to deliver a flexible retirement plan inside a business via elective deferrals by the employee as well as an optional employer matching strategy.

To learn more about SOLAR, spend some time on the SOLAR microsite.

More Targeted Resources from Voya

If you work in other markets and want to take advantage of the unique product solutions associated with the Global Life products from Voya, please click through to the following micro sites:

*Please note: Many of these micro sites require a “Promo Code” to gain access.  The Promo Code is advsales.

All of these resources and more are available on Voya’s Resource Avenue Microsite.