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We are looking forward to an exciting journey with the independent insurance and financial advisors from the great State of Oklahoma. We invite you to explore all the services and support we offer, along with the benefits of doing business with us.


Proven Marketing Methods


We go beyond traditional support in offering on-the-ground marketing assistance by sponsoring a variety of events in your community. These have proven to be successful at helping advisors generate new client relationships. Reach out to us to learn more about having your own promotional event! 


Our Idea of Support


Experience an ease of doing business at Cornerstone. As you know, you can get insurance and financial products anywhere, but we offer more than an 800 number with an “expert” on the other end of the line. Our superior service and considerable menu of tools, services, and knowledge make us more than just a product middle-man.

Real Life Experience


As practicing financial services advisors ourselves, we bring to market the same top-tier products and services that we use in our own practices. Accordingly, we continually scan the marketplace to make sure that our suite of products are current, relevant, and in-the-market. This enables you the complete objectivity to serve your clients.

Our Main Focus


We focus on techniques over tools. Rather than just pushing product at you, we show you how to serve your clients through a myriad of resources, all designed to help you gain more know-how…a stethoscope does not a physician make.

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We are proud to bring elev8 to the independent advisor space. Elev8 is an on demand education system suitable for both seasoned and aspiring new advisors. This type of training resource has traditionally been reserved for captive advisors operating in a career system. It is also a marvelous tool for training members of your admin staff.

Products & Services


Cornerstone Brokerage Services works with top of the line carriers and product manufacturers that have products to fit the needs of ALL your clients. Make sure you check out a list of our products and ask us about our partnerships with carriers that provide support for disability income, LTC & medicare supplements.



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Career Change?


If you are interested in a career change, make sure you reach out to us for information on Cornerstone’s career system.


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