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We have two main quote and illustration generators to serve you – one for term products and one for permanent products. The same system used to generate term illustrations also includes a host of other useful features detailed below.

Our resource for term quotes and comparison, tentative underwriting, and forms is powered by Compulife.

Included within this system you’ll be able to run quotes, make comparison, build spreadsheets, access tentative underwriting for those carriers that offer it, and access forms. All without a separate login sequence for simplicity and ease of use!

Our resource for quotes and illustrations for permanent products is powered by Winflex Web

Click on the link which takes you to the log in box. If you are new to Winflex click on “Register Now” under the New Visitor section. Upon your initial registration an approval request will be generated. Once approved you will have access. During regular business hours your approval will take only a short while.

Note regarding Legal and General (Banner and William Penn). This is a communication from the carrier and announces a change in the procedure for running illustrations for LGA, Banner, And William Penn:

5/12/2015 “As a registered user of WinFlex Web and/or WinFlex Desktop, this email is to inform you that LGA (Banner and William Penn) will no longer be a carrier option for WinFlex Web and WinFlex Desktop effective today. If you would still like to run LGA illustrations, Illustration Manager, can be downloaded from after logging in. Illustration Manager can be found under the ‘Illustrations’ sections then ‘Download Software’. There are no changes to Illustration Manager or to any other third party vendors.”


Term Quotes, Comparisons, Tentative Underwriting, Forms

WinFlex Web

Permanent Quotes and Illustrations