Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a case to CBS?

You can submit a case directly to New Business at the dedicated email box for case submissions:

or, you can FAX it to us at 501-213-0675.

Is a New Business Transmittal required with an informal submission?

There is not a required transmittal.  However, there is one available that would represent the “best practice” around organizing all the pertinent case data to expedite review by the Underwriting Team. You can find the CBS New Business Transmittal here

Is a HIPAA Authorization required with an informal submission?

YES!  The CBS Underwriting Team will not accept a file without a valid, signed HIPAA authorization.  If you need a HIPAA form to use, please download and print: HIPAA Document.

Do you take “Quick Quotes”?

Yes!  Please send the “I’ve got a guy” type inquiry to the CBS dedicated email box:

What is the average turn-around time for an Informal submission?

Average turn-around for an assessment of an informal file including medical records is 48 to 72 hours.  Please note that extremely large or complicated files may fall outside this range.

What is the average turn-around time for a Quick Quote submission?

The Underwriting Team strives to respond to these the same day they are submitted, with virtually all Quick Quotes responded to by the end of the following business day.