Recent Events/Conferences Cornerstone Brokerage Services Has Attended

John Hancock's Idea lab | June 13-14 | Boston, MA


A special thanks to John Hancock for inviting Cornerstone Brokerage Services down to Boston for the John Hancock Idea Lab! In this meeting, we were updated on important information regarding John Hancock’s products, underwriting services, sales ideas and of course, John Hancock’s Vitality!

If you are ready to get dozens of leads in just a few hours, make sure you reach out to us for assistance in having your very own John Hancock Vitality event!


Route 66 Marathon | November 15 - 16| Vitality Promotional Event

This is a photo from our November 2017 Vitality event. We had a great time in Tulsa at the Route 66 expo promoting Vitality! Reach out to us to learn more about having your own Vitality at a local event. These types of promotions are known to generate dozens of leads in a short amount of time.



Sneak Peek of our Drivetime Interviews

Here are some behind the scene photos of some of our Drivetime interviews. What is Drivetime? Drivetime is a FREE audio periodical that is designed to help you grow your practice by learning the best practices of others. If you have not already signed up for Drivetime, click here to register!


Terry Cook

This specific interview was with Terry Cook, the author of the book, Referrals Forever. His main topics of discussion were how to obtain qualified referrals, which is a common struggle for many advisors.

Chad Weinhold 

Chad Weinhold with Allianz is an expert on Healthcare in Retirement. Because of that, we invited him to be part of one of our Drivetime interviews. We know you will learn some valuable information if you subscribe to receive our Drivetime periodicals!

Potential Agent Promotional Events (Reach Out To Us For Planning)

Potential Promotional Events!

If you are not promoting yourself at events, you are not getting as many leads as you could be getting.

What is a better spot to promote a wellness based life insurance program than at a sporting event or gym? We have partnered with a life insurance company that will provide you with co-branding materials (cards and brochures with you name and contact information in them), a booth and a very easy policy to sell, if you are reaching out to the right kind of people.

Below we have pinpointed the most successful events to promote at. Reach out to us with your geographical area and we will search for events and local gyms that could potentially bring you dozens of leads in a short amount of time.

  • LA Fitness- We have partnered with LA fitness to try and promote an active/healthy lifestyle. We can attend any customer appreciation day (generally the 15th and last day of each month) and promote our product. Some of these gyms can get up to 1,000 customers per day. If done right, you could potentially get hundreds of leads in just a few hours.
  • Marathons
  • Bike Races
  • Triathlons