Summer’s here, and the time is right…for selling Mutual of Omaha Term Insurance! Rates have been reduced in the Preferred Plus risk class in key cells that represent the “sweet spot” for term insurance buyers. Read on for the details!

The primary goal of the June 1, 2017 Term Life Answers reprice is to improve competitive position in Mutual’s targeted sweet spot. The focus of the rate decrease included:
  • The Preferred Plus risk class
  • 10 and 20 year term durations
  • Issue ages 35 – 50
  • Face amounts from $250,000 and up
  • Males and Females
  • There were additional reductions outside of Preferred Plus on 20 year term for face amounts over $1MM.
  • While most rates outside of the Preferred Plus risk class remained the same, there were select price increases.

Transition Rules:

  • Applications signed June 1, 2017 and later will get the new rates.
  • Applications signed before June 1, 2017 need to be received in the home office by June 30, 2017, and will get the old rates.
  • For pending applications in-house with an application signed date prior to June 1, 2017, the agent/broker will need to contact the Underwriting Department if they wish to receive the new rates.

Please see the following resources for additional information:

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