Fear can be an effective motivator, and in this Case Success Story, MetLife solves a case for a client with a huge fear of needles and a significant tranche of cash on the sidelines. Read on to find out how MetLife’s PAUL product provided the clearest path to much needed additional insurance coverage.


Underwriting: MetLife’s Enhanced Rate Plus Program
Product: Premier Accumulator UL


  • An very successful 49-year-old male chiropractor in Arizona was in need of additional life insurance coverage.
  • The client was also extremely afraid of needles, to the point that the additional coverage was still not in place despite a long-standing admitted need.
  • Based on the advisor’s knowledge of the balance of this existing client’s finances, he was aware of a cash position in excess of $1.1MM.


  • MetLife’s Premier Accumulator (PAUL) and Enhanced Rate Plus Program (ERP)


  • Armed wth this knowledge, the producer recommended MetLife’s’ PAUL product, funded with a portion of the client’s cash.
  • The $300K lump sum translated to over 95% of premiums paid in surrender value at the end of policy year 1, making this a “balance sheet sale” that had minimal impact on the client’s net worth.
  • The lump sum funded nearly $875K of life insurance, meeting a portion of the outstanding insurance need.
  • This face amount, under the $1MM limit for ERP, allowed the client to avoid not just the needle, but all of the traditional physical requirements associated with a normal underwriting process.
  • All in, from app submission to policy placement took a mere three weeks.
  • The end result? A “found sale”, a nice first year commission for the producer and the start of a compensation stream that could last as long as twenty-five years, even if the client never contributes another dime!
  • Bonus for the client: Arizona’s laws protect life insurance cash values from creditors, offering an additional level of risk management for a client in a highly litigious profession. If you want to go deeper on the issue of creditor protection and the relevant laws in your state, please reach out to us to learn more if you have a potential prospect!