In this case, The field office, our Platform’s Underwriting Services Team, and Lincoln Financial joined forces to solve a massive case: Over $1MM in Target Premium placed in force and a great solution to an existing cash-rich, under-leveraged Whole Life policy.


Underwriting: Older age client with contradictory and confusing medical records
Product: Lincoln’s VULOne
Target: $1,059,019


  • An 80-year-old male seeking to replace an under-leveraged, cash-rich Whole Life policy to gain additional death benefit. Lincoln Financial’s VULOne was identified early on as the best product for the case.
  • The economics of the case required the insured receiving a Standard Nonsmoker offer from Lincoln Financial.
  • In anticipation of the challenges typically involved in underwriting an octogenarian, the field office enlisted the help of our platforms’ Underwriting Services Team
  • The Underwriting Team identified three obstacles within the medical records which required clarification from the client’s physician:
    • Notation in the records of atrial fibrillation with no diagnostic testing that supported that diagnosis
    • Perceived 2015 abnormal carotid ultrasound
    • The Insured’s weight loss from October 2014 to the present


  • Maureen Weinhauer, Lincoln Financial, Senior Underwriting Director
  • Member Underwriting Services


  • With the green light from our Underwriting Team the field office submitted the case to Lincoln Financial. Upon confirmation that the case was set-up the Underwriting Team connected with Maureen on the three medical concerns.
  • Maureen agreed with ’s assessment, leading to the drafting of a letter to the client’s physician asking for clarification of these three concerns.
    Fortunately, the Insured’s doctor supplied favorable answers to all three concerns:

    • The note of atrial fibrillation was confirmed to be a data entry error.
    • The carotid stenosis was limited to the external carotid arteries, with normal internal carotid arteries, indicating an insignificant disease for a client of this age.
    • The weight loss was verified to be intentional via diet and exercise.
  • With the favorable letter from the client’s physician, Lincoln Financial was able to approve the case at the needed Standard class.
  • This team effort concluded in the placement of a massive, nearly $1.1MM Target Premium at Lincoln Financial.