Mutual of Omaha began the “countdown to launch” of their soon to be released Income Advantage IUL with the launch of resources designed to help the advisor who may have resisted Indexed UL get up to speed on the ins and outs of IUL. At the same time, they teased a few of the details of this newest addition to their product line. Read on for the details!

Mutual of Omaha Enters IUL Market with Launch of Income Advantage IUL

In advance of the launch of the Income Advantage IUL, Mutual of Omaha has launched a library of web-based Indexed Universal Life training resources that are perfect for introducing an advisor to the fundamentals of IUL. Also embedded in the training materials are the first indications of the feature set of their new offering, such as:

Crediting Methodologies:

  • Uncapped Point-to-Point
  • Capped Point-to-Point
  • High Par Point-to-Point
  • Fixed Account
  • Floor of 0%

Loan Provisions:

  • Standard Loans with wash loans in years 10+
  • Indexed Loans
  • Loan interest capped at 6%

Other Features:

  • Mutual of Omaha’s GRO Rider
  • Accelerated Death Benefit for Terminal and Chronic Illness

Please see the Product Overview from Mutual of Omaha for additional product details, and watch for future announcements from us leading up to the official launch in early March.

Training Resources

As mentioned above, the launch of the Income Advantage IUL brings with it a collection of training resources aimed at the advisor who is unfamiliar with Indexed UL, including:

Take a look at the entire collection by following this link.