They say that 80% of communication is non-verbal, but based on fascinating new research released by AXA, word choice may be the very thing derailing permanent life insurance sales. Let’s face it, there is a ton of jargon in our business, and when it creeps, often unconsciously, into conversations with clients, the results are frequently less than stellar. If your producers could benefit from a new vernacular when speaking with their life insurance prospects, AXA’s findings may be just the thing. 

AXA Introduces The New Language of Permanent Life Insurance

AXA and Maslansky + Partners have conducted extensive research around what consumers think about life insurance and how they respond to the way we, as an industry, talk about it.  Even better, they are willing to share it with their distribution partners. The findings regarding how quickly clients disengage based on word choice is fascinating, and their recommendations for how to change the conversation are easy to understand and implement. Plain and simple, anyone serious about their profession can benefit from what AXA and Maslansky + were able to uncover.

How to Learn More:

AXA has deployed a collection of resources on this topic that will give you all the background information as well as equip you with everything needed to work with producers on the language they use to talk about Permanent Life Insurance. You can find it all here: Overcoming Objections to Permanent Life Insurance.

What will You Find at the Site?

  • A brief introductory video
  • A white paper discussing the process Maslansky + used to conduct the research and more details about their findings
  • Specific recommendations for language to avoid and more effective language to use in its place
  • A PowerPoint presentation that ties it all together for use with Producers

You can also refer to the formal release announcement from AXA for additional details.