The changes in the underwriting world continue, as AIG announces a liberalization of a number of key underwriting guidelines. These changes will make it easier for clients to qualify for the Preferred offer they are all hoping for, even if they have a few “dings and dents” in their medical history. The specifics are outlined below for your review.

AIG Releases Updated, More Liberal Underwriting Guidelines

Effective immediately, substantial liberalization to multiple preferred underwriting criteria will apply to all ages and fully underwritten plans. Changes take effect on all applications dated on or after December 14, 2015.

These new changes are what AIG likes to think of as underwriting for real people…

  • Been treated for blood pressure in the last 6 months? It happens and it’s fine by us. #itsnotadealbreaker
  • Planning on enjoying second helpings during holiday meals? We’ve added a few extra pounds to our scale. #itsnotdinnerwithoutdessert
  • Following doctors’ orders, but the cholesterol’s not going down? We threw in 10 extra points to aid in your effort. #weallneedalittlehelpsometimes
  • Missed that stop sign and tapped a bumper? Fender benders are no longer a factor. #theycallthemaccidentsforareason

For the balance of the details, please see the formal announcement from AIG, as well as the updated AIG Field Underwriting Guide.