As you have probably surmised based on the sheer volume of communication we put out on the subject, we view the qualified plan marketplace to be the fertile field for the next few years and things are lining up to make that justly so. Whether your firm or practice is in the mode of gathering AUM, selling insurance, doing holistic financial planning, or a combination of all the above, you should consider the foregoing carefully.

Transamerica, who is one of our core companies, has just published a compilation of the collective mindset of approximately 60 retirement industry experts with their Prescience 2019: Expert Opinions on the Future of Retirement Plans survey; it can be found here Based on the experts’ insight, Prescience 2019 predicts big steps forward in how plan sponsors, advisors, and other intermediaries will help Americans prepare for a more secure retirement.


Some of the survey’s findings project that by 2019:

• 55% of plan sponsors will be using automatic enrollment

• 45% of plans will default their participants in at a 6% contribution rate or more

• 20% increase in the number of home-based and mobile employees

40% growth in assets invested in retirement plans (to $35 trillion)


There are also thought-provoking findings on topics, such as the:

• Use of mobile technology to help overcome communication challenges

• New way plan sponsors will measure success

• New government regulations and mandates

• Effect of the aging American workforce on healthcare costs


We hope this insightful report is useful to you as you plan your business strategies for 2016 and beyond. If you’d like to discuss the report’s findings in more detail please email us for a preview of how this and our other initiatives will all dovetail together in 2016.


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