As we continue to demonstrate our commitment to support your efforts to grow your business, we are announcing our latest addition:

We can now conduct seminars in your town for CPA’s and offer them free CE credits for attending.

We will even pick up lunch for the meeting!

Generally, these are quite effective and have proven to generate business. The ideal scenario is to hold the meeting at your office or in a community room of a bank or library but a meeting room at a hotel works well also.

This first series will focus on retirement planning utilizing qualified plans, which most CPA’s support fully.

Among the items covered are:
• The current tax rules associated with qualified plans
• The menu of available investment options
• Modeling various portfolio scenarios
• A comparison of available savings strategies
• And just as important, there are plenty of case studies to drive the point home soundly

The goal and structure of the material presented is designed to allow you to bring to your CPA community concepts that they are probably not familiar with – and validating them! The significance of this is that you aren’t swimming against the current with your recommendation to prospective clients as their CPA will be likely to support your recommendations.

The other purpose of the seminar is to put you in a better position to obtain referrals from CPAs. As we all know, on a scale from 1 to 10 of referral sources, they are an 11, but only IF you can demonstrate that your organization can offer competency and due care for their clients. Showcasing your skills and the abilities of your organization increases your odds of being called in on a case.

To that end, the seminar is conducted by a credentialed “expert from out of town” that is has extensive expertise in this area. The individual we send will vary by your geography but each of them are competent to handle all the material and help you make an impact with your CPA attendees.

The cost is as follows:

• Free
• Zilch
• Na da
• Zip
• Nothing

You provide the venue…we’ll be there with bells on!

Contact us for details!