When is a Healthy Credits or Lifestyle Credits program better than a Table Shave? When its also available on Term Insurance for a 73-year-old! The FIT Program from Mutual of Omaha took this case from Table 3 to Table 1, and earned Mutual of Omaha a nice win. Read on for the details.


Underwriting: FIT Program
Target: $152,200


  • A 73-year-old male was seeking $5MM of coverage for business planning purposes.
  • His atrial fibrillation history was causing insurance company’s to offer two to five tables, despite the balance of his medical profile being quite favorable.



  • Mutual of Omaha had the second best offer right out of the gate with a strong Table 3, and was one of two carriers to receive formal applications.
  • There were lingering concerns about the client’s atrial fibrillation history that needed to be clarified to solidify the offer.
  • Upon receipt of the updated atrial fibrillation details, Mutual of Omaha was presented with enough updated information about the client to identify credits under their FIT Program to allow the offer to move from Table 3 to Table 1, moving Mutual of Omaha into the first position for the case.
  • The advisor and client, pleased with the outcome, instructed to proceed with policy issue on 15 year term for the full $5MM
  • The end result was $152,200 of Target Premium placed with Mutual of Omaha

The News from Mutual of Omaha Keeps Getting Better:

While the case above clearly demonstrates the power of the FIT Program, Mutual of Omaha has also made a recent enhancement to their age and amount requirements by eliminating the Personal History Interview (PHI) and replacing it with an electronic inspection report. This less intrusive approach to obtaining the same information should result in a smoother underwriting process for eligible clients. Please see the formal announcement from Mutual of Omaha for the details.

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