Anyone with any tenure in the Financial Services Industry knows that the Business Market can be a consistent and profitable source of business. The question for those not already active in the space is how to get started, and a little bit of training really goes a long way. John Hancock’s Advanced Markets Team has launched resources that address this specific issue. Read on for more on how to use the new material to train producers interested in this space.

Unlocking Success in the Business Planning Marketplace

John Hancock’s release of Business Planning brochure represents a major enhancement to the best-in-class resources we have all come to expect from John Hancock. Rather than focus strictly on the technical aspects of business planning strategies, they have also addressed topics as diverse as

  • Understanding the Business Owner and the lifecycle of a business
  • Defining your target market within the larger segment
  • Examples of uses of life insurance by businesses we all frequent life Disney, JC Penney and Pampered Chef
  • The use of social media as a prospecting tool, as well as other prospecting techniques specific to the business market

The end result is that this new resource will increase producers’ level of understanding of how to actually develop new sales in this space, rather than simply solve the technical aspects of a case they are already working on for an existing client. Very powerful for a producer seeking to grow their business.

Additional Resources and Reference Materials

  • Business Planning Entities: A ready reference highlighting the key differences between the various business entity types
  • Business Planning with COLI and Easy Issue: When its time to start talking about the product solution, John Hancock’s Corporate product line is a great choice, made even stronger by the availability of Simplified Life for cases involving a smaller number of participants.
  • Business Planning with Vitality: Business Planning with a built in Wellness Program. This piece will help producers understand how Vitality can be a source of increased productivity and cost savings for business owners.

Remember, this is all stacked on top of the recently announced addition of Vitality to John Hancock’s IUL contracts, as well as the Term Insurance price reduction and Term Summit Incentive Trip!