Transamerica’s Learn and Earn promotion featuring The Insurables is a great way to raise awareness of sales that are just sitting in an advisor’s book waiting to be found. Unfortunately, not every advisor is going to be comfortable starting that conversation and moving it to its logical conclusion: A closed case. Client Coach from Transamerica will help advisors to get out there and approach these clients, handle objections, and get paid when the case goes placed. Learn more below:

Client Coach: Helping Advisors Turn Client Conversations into Placed Cases

Client Coach from Transamerica is a collection of training resources aimed at making advisors more effective salespeople by honing their skills using a five-step process:

  • Step 1: Identify – Realize new opportunities by exploring different client markets
  • Step 2: Approach – Connect with clients and learn about their needs by asking the right questions
  • Step 3: Demonstrate – Use real-life scenarios to find the right product for a client
  • Step 4: Close – Handle objections and close the sale
  • Step 5: Review – Advisors continue to grow their business by reevaluating existing clients and generating referrals

What resources are available for each of the steps?

The materials that make up the Client Coach program are all organized by the client persona you met in The Insurables:
Types of materials and resources include: