John Hancock Drops Term with Vitality Pricing Just in Time for Q4

There’s more to this price change than meets the eye, as it comes with a bonus: increased compensation and a producer incentive! That’s good news on all fronts as we prepare for the “most wonderful time of the year”. Read on for the details.

John Hancock Drops Term with Vitality and Traditional Term Pricing Just in Time for Q4

John Hancock has lowered Term 2015 and Term with Vitality 2015 pricing in roughly 1/3 of cells for nonsmokers. Reductions range from 1 – 17%, with NO INCREASES in any cells. This decrease is approved in all states, and will be applied retroactively to all inforce Term 2015 products, beginning in the second policy year.

How’s the pricing look? See for yourself!

But Wait, There’s More…

In addition to the price decrease, John Hancock has announced both improved compensation and a fourth quarter bonus on all John Hancock Term 15 and Term with Vitality 15 sales. Additional details regarding both if these topics will be sent later this week.

And Even More…

As the cherry on top of a delicious sundae, John Hancock has also announced a Term Summit Trip, with qualifying producers joining John Hancock for a trip to Vancouver, BC in August of 2016. Details to follow the week of 09/21.

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