Over the summer, Transamerica introduced us all to an interesting group of people: The Insurables. This collection of client “personas” represent clients in each and every producer’s book of business. Transamerica has developed a treasure trove of market intelligence that will help producers identify these clients, identify likely pain points and match them up with a suitable product solution.

What’s even better is the “Learn and Earn” Incentive available to advisors who engage with this program and uncover new Transamerica sales. Read on to meet The Insurables and learn more about the incentive program.

Meet the Insurables

  • Financially Savvy Mike: “I like to make the most of my money and enjoy watching and making it grow—even if that involves some risk. Taking responsibility myself ensures I will have enough money for my future.”
  • Kathy the Guidance Follower: “I’m worried I don’t have enough life insurance coverage. What’s going to happen to my family if something happens to me? I tried to do some research online, but frankly, I don’t have the time. I’d much rather meet with someone face-to-face who really knows what they’re talking about.”
  • Mr. Li, the Foreign National: “I currently live in China, but my company has offices in the United States and I spend a lot of time here. I’ve also purchased a few investment properties in the U.S. Am I vulnerable to taxes on the assets that I own here? How can I best protect my family if something happens to me?”

Transamerica Introduces the Learn and Earn Promotion: There is Still Time to Participate!

Transamerica has been hard at work investigating client demographic and psychographic data to identify specific client “personas” that are more inclined to both need and purchase specific risk management and retirement solutions. This research has led to the launch of the Insurables Learn and Earn promotion, and the platform is another source of marketing content for agencies.

The Insurables Learn and Earn promotion is designed to reward producers for doing business with Transamerica Brokerage by offering the opportunity to learn more about key client markets and earn prizes and potential commission enhancements on new sales.

  • Producers can register for the program at www.talearnandearn.com where they can watch a series of videos about specific types of clients.*
  • After they watch each video and complete a short quiz, they’ll have a chance to receive some exciting rewards.
  • Eligible producers who complete the first video module will earn an additional 10% commission enhancement on their next TransNavigatorSM IUL case.**
  • Plus, after each video module, eligible producers will be entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a prize valued at $250.
But wait….there’s more.
  • Eligible producers who complete all six video modules and meet minimum levels of production will be entered into the Grand Prize sweepstakes.***
  • At the conclusion of The Insurables program, a Grand Prize winner will be randomly selected to choose among a variety of luxury travel packages.
  • Two Runner-Up winners will also be selected to choose a vacation package.

Additional Details