MetLife’s addition of a Long-Term Care rider to their Whole Life portfolio opens up a whole new conversation for producers and clients interested in a combination of protection and conservative accumulation. To make the conversation even more interesting, MetLife may have a best in class feature set on this rider. Read on to find out more about the rider and decide for yourself if this is the best rider out there.

MetLife Launches LTC Rider on Whole Life Portfolio

What is the largest singular advantage to being a late entrant to a market? The ability to survey the market and elect to include only the best features of all of the available riders. That was the approach MetLife used in designing the soon to be launched Long-Term Care rider. The feature set includes:

  • Indemnity Benefit: No tracking of expenses
  • Increasing benefits tied to the growth of the face amount driven by dividend performance
  • Waiver of both Life and LTC premiums when on claim
  • $10MM lifetime benefit maximum
  • Ability to use the Enhanced Rate Plus Program to access the underwriting class upgrade component of the program.*

Learn more about the rider by watching this short video from MetLife.

Launch Details

  • MetLife’s LTC ADBR will be available for sale effective Monday, August 31st.
  • The rider is available on all MetLife Whole Life except Promise Whole Life Select 65
  • Illustrations will be available on Monday, August 31st.

Additional Resources from MetLife

* Full underwriting is required for the MetLife LTC ADBR. Cases including the rider that otherwise meet the MetLife Enhanced Rate Plus Program criteria will be subject to full underwriting and if Standard or better will be upgraded to the best possible underwriting class.