In this Case Success Story from John Hancock, the win is based on a little “insider knowledge”: John Hancock uses a proprietary underwriting manual that allows them to deliver consistently great offers on certain impairments, such as diabetes. Read on to find out how they won this case and scored $155K in Target Premium.


Underwriting: Type I Diabetes
Target: $155,291


  • A 51-year-old female was seeking $9MM of estate planning coverage.
  • During the trial stage of medical underwriting she had received offers in the Table 6 range based on her history of Type 1 diabetes, diagnosed at age 16.


  • John Hancock’s Proprietary Underwriting Guidelines


  • Upon review of the file, the case was sent to John Hancock as they look more favorably on Type 1 diabetics than most of the industry based on their proprietary underwriting guidelines.
  • Upon review John Hancock was able to offer Table 2 rates due to the following:
  • Excellent diabetic control through-out the years with A1c’s in the low 6’s
  • Favorable cardiac profile to include:
    • Prophylactic cardiac testing which included a negative calcium study
    • Favorable lipids
    • Normal Blood Pressure history
  • No other adverse medical history
  • John Hancock’s Table 2 offer resulted in $155,291 of placed Target Premium

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