When is a diabetic not a diabetic? When the underwriter takes the time to investigate not only the medications the client takes, but why they are taking them. In this case, a client with a cardiac history who was viewed as a diabetic at other carriers received the correct offer from Protective Life as a result of an intuitive leap by the underwriter. Read on for the details!


Underwriting: Coronary Artery Disease and Diabetes
Target: $91,868


  • A 55-year-old male was seeking $5MM of estate planning coverage at low substandard rates.
  • The insured had a history of single-vessel coronary artery disease of the left anterior descending artery dating back to a 2009 stent placement.
  • To further complicate the underwriting picture, the client was also taking Metformin.
  • As a result of the CAD and assumed diabetes based on the Metformin usage, the Advisor had received a series of highly rated offers.


  • Bill Murray, Protective Life Technical Underwriting Team Lead


  • Upon receipt and review of the file, Bill Murray at Protective Life called the Advisor’s firm and requested that they reach out to the doctor for a clarification letter on the Metformin usage.
  • Based on the normal A1C’s throughout the file, Bill was convinced the Metformin use was for reasons other than diabetes.
  • Fortunately, the doctor wrote a letter confirming the Metformin was NOT prescribed for diabetes.
  • In fact, it was for prophylactic reasons based on the client’s impaired fasting glucose and to keep his BMI optimal at or below 25.
  • With the letter in hand and favorable updated cardiac testing in the file, including a normal stress echo and stable serial echocardiograms, Bill was able to offer Table 2 rates and the Member Firm placed $92K of Target Premium with Protective.

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