Mutual’s Chronic Illness Rider, available at ALL underwriting classes, is a natural fit for clients who are declined for traditional Long-Term Care insurance coverage based on a few dings and dents in their health history. In this Case Success Story, Mutual of Omaha earns $11K of Target Premium using this unique element of their Chronic Illness Rider.


Product: GUL with Chronic Illness ABR
Situation: An advisor has a female client, age 72, attempting to purchase Long-Term Care coverage with a total benefit pool of $200K.
Unfortunately, the client had been declined for the LTC coverage based on the morbidity underwriting that accompanies Long-Term Care Riders.


Mutual of Omaha GUL with Chronic Illness ABR


The Advisor illustrated the Mutual of Omaha GUL which includes the Mutual of Omaha ABR rider for Chronic and Critical coverage, which is capped at $1,000,000 of benefit per policy or 80% of the face amount.
The agency shows the client a $250,000 face amount which provides the client with $200,000 of chronic and critical coverage with the ABR rider.
The key to the sale is that Mutual of Omaha does not restrict the availability of the rider if the client is table rated, other chronic and critical riders are cutoff at either table 2 or table 4 rates.
The Mutual of Omaha GUL also comes with the G.R.O. rider (Guaranteed Refund Option) which provides liquidity events at the 15th, 20th, and 25th anniversary. If the client no longer needs the coverage or the death benefit they can get their premiums paid back.*
$11,505 of Target Premium placed with Mutual of Omaha
Remember: Mutual of Omaha allows for term conversions into their entire portfolio of permanent products, including the Chronic Illness Rider, even if the client currently needs care. This makes Mutual a great choice for term insurance cases on clients with a limited budget and concerns about paying for Long-Term Care expenses.

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