A willing buyer needs a willing seller, and in some cases, that seller may be in short supply. In this case, Transamerica’s expertise and capacity in the foreign national space earned them a nice case: $193K in Target Premium. Read on to see how it all played out.


Underwriting: Transamerica’s Retention on Foreign Nationals
Target: $193,389


  • An Advisor was seeking a solution to a case involving two Mexican foreign nationals.
  • The brothers, ages 37 and 45, had a premium budget of $300K for five years to contribute to an Indexed UL contract.
  • Based on that premium flow, the required face amount exceeded many carriers’ maximum issue limit for foreign nationals.


  • Transamerica’s Foreign National Program
  • Transamerica TransNavigator IUL


  • As a result of recently increased internal retention, Transamerica now has the following retention for foreign national cases, based on the country of origin’s classification:
    • A Countries= $15MM
    • B Countries = $10MM
    • C Countries = $5MM
    • D Countries = zero
  • Mexico is a “B” country, allowing Transamerica to handle the face amounts produced by the 5-pay premium structure.
  • In addition, Transamerica made the case simpler for the agent as they will translate Spanish, Portuguese and French records in house.
  • Transamerica’s retention and experience in this market resulted in $193,389 of placed Target Premium.
  • Please follow this link for complete details on Transamerica’s Foreign National program, including country codes, to see if Transamerica is the right carrier for your next foreign national case,

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