Estate and Legacy Planning sales are still very much a part of our business, and there is a new player in the Survivorship accumulation segment: BrightLife Grow from AXA. This fifth product in the BrightLife series is consistent with all the prior releases from AXA, with an efficient cost structure and competitive performance at reasonable rates of return. Read on for more on the new addition to the AXA lineup.

AXA Releases BrightLife Grow Survivorship

While the survivorship market has long been dominated by death benefit focused products, there is a growing interest in the inherent flexibility that comes with the presence of real cash value in survivorship sales. BrightLife Grow Survivorship clearly fits that mold, and based on very early analysis of product performance, it competes well against the current crop of survivorship products, indexed and NLG alike.

Younger clients are likely to see better performance versus products from peer insurance companies, and despite the accumulation focus of the product, we see cells, typically under age 60, where BrightLife Grow Survivor competes well on death benefit, $1000 @ age 105 type designs. The release of BrightLife Grow also brings with it the introduction of two new, high participation rate crediting options. Please see Producer Guide and Choosing the Indexed Options Right for You for additional details.

AXA BrightLife Grow Survivorship is available for sale in all 50 states as of right now. This is an additional product for AXA, and there are no other current changes to their portfolio. Illustrations are currently available on WinFlexWeb and AEGIS. Please review the additional resources available from AXA to learn more about BrightLife Grow Survivorship.

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Sales Ideas

Need some inspiration around positioning BrightLife Grow Survivorship? AXA has also released a number of sales ideas that “pair” well with their new product: