With the continuing interest on the Foreign National Market, it is clear that knowing the ins and outs of each Core Carrier’s Foreign National Guidelines is a “core competency” for any Advisor working in this space. In this case, it was Lincoln’s ability to handle a case on a Japanese Foreign National that created an opportunity to win the case with the addition of a solid underwriting offer. Read on for the rest of the story.


Underwriting: Japanese Foreign Nationals
Target: $338,382


  • A 59-year-old Japanese Foreign National with financial ties to the U.S. was seeking a total line of $13MM of life insurance coverage.
  • The first challenge was finding a carrier that would consider a Japanese Foreign National given the difficult international insurance treaties that cause many carriers to decline to participate on this type of case.
  • There was an additional complication in that the client had been offered Table E for a myriad of issues, including possible abnormal EKG tracings on a previous insurance exam.


  • Lincoln Financial’s Medical Director
  • Lincoln Financial’s Foreign National Program


  • A quick review of the Lincoln Financial Foreign National Guidelines also revealed a limit to Table D or better risks for Foreign Nationals, meaning that there was more work to be done to bring the case to a successful conclusion.
  • After a quick referral to one of Lincoln’s Medical Directors for a review of the EKG, Lincoln was able to deliver great news: In Lincoln’s view, the prior carrier had taken an overly pessimistic view of the tracings, and the case appeared to be a Standard Risk.
  • With the medical hurdle cleared, the rest of the case was a straightforward exercise in excellent packaging to meet the balance of Lincoln’s guidelines for Foreign Nationals.
  • The coverage was split between Lincoln’s LifeReserve IUL Accumulator and LifeGuarantee UL, funded with a $6MM single pay.
  • The end result was a total of over $13MM in coverage and $338,382 in Target Premium placed with Lincoln Financial.

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