The Lifetime Foundation IUL product from Accordia Life has been on the street for roughly 90 days, and those who have taken the time to get to know it and “turn some wrenches” on the illustration software have found an extremely competitive product for death benefit sales. Today’s software update, available on both LPSS and WinFlex, makes it a snap to run the “optimized” cash value based solves that show the lowest possible premiums for this product.

Important Update to Accordia Life’s Lifetime Foundation

Why is this update important?

Accordia Life continues to deliver ultra-competitive premiums for Advisors and clients who are willing to consider something beyond a fully guaranteed solution to their need for death benefit. In both survivorship and single life sales, there are huge savings available versus NLG and LE guarantee competitors. The Lifetime Foundation is strongest in short pay and 1035 exchange designs, providing an opportunity to execute on replacement sales that may have not moved forward based on currently available NLG pricing from competitors

The fact that others in the market are overlooking these products creates opportunity for agencies willing to work a little harder and present alternative solutions to these sales. Today’s software update eliminates the “manual” process that was required to run these illustrations.

From May’s Niche Alert…

Lifetime Foundation delivered premiums that were as much as 15% lower than other Life Expectancy Guarantee products that are currently seeing huge sales numbers and as much as 35% lower than the most competitive NLG products.

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