Survivorship sales continue to be the largest cases in terms of both face amount and target premium, and there is now another death benefit focused option in the segment: AXA’s BrightLife Protect Survivor. This new addition to the AXA product lineup applies the same thought process and strategy as the single life version of the product: a balance of guarantees, cash value and premiums based reasonable return expectations and low expenses.

Introducing AXA’s BrightLife Protect Survivor

BrightLife® Protect Survivorship has been specifically designed for couples seeking cost-efficient permanent protection. BrightLife® Protect Survivorship offers your clients:

  • A choice to allocate premiums between a Fixed Account with a 2% guaranteed crediting rate and the Select Account, which offers upside potential with downside protection.
  • A competitive Internal Rate of Return to maximize legacy planning or wealth transfer strategies.
  • A practical cost structure, when the need for the death benefit occurs at the death of the surviving insured.
  • Illustrations are available now in both WinFlex Web and Aegis

Thinking About Survivorship Differently: Sales Ideas

In conjunction with the release of AXA BrightLife Protect Survivor, AXA has also released a series of sales ideas highlighting the use of Survivorship coverage for reasons OTHER than estate tax planning.

State Approvals and Transition Rules

  • Applications can be submitted beginning Monday, June 22, 2015.
  • Applications must be signed June 22, 2015 or later.
  • Applications for Athena SUL IV, Series 154, will continue to be accepted until further notice.
  • BrightLife Protect Survivor is approved in all 50 states,

Additional Product Information