In this Case Success Story, the client had already come to the decision to surrender his life insurance contract. The only question was what to do with the cash value? Without a clear objective, MoneyGuard became an interesting choice: Huge leverage for Long-Term Care should the need arise and preservation of the cash from the existing contract.  Read on for the rest of the story.


Product: MoneyGuard Reserve Plus
Target: $80,000 MoneyGuard Premium


  • Advisor was working with a 56-year-old male client who currently owned a life insurance contract with $80K in surrender value.
  • One of the “holes in her game” was a complete lack of knowledge or familiarity with MoneyGuard
  • The contract was no longer needed or wanted, and the client was seeking a solution that avoided the tax on the modest gain in the contract as well as providing excellent liquidity should he need to access the cash for other planning purposes downstream.


  • MoneyGuard Reserve Plus funded via a 1035 Exchange
  • Optimized MoneyGuard Design using COLA


  • Given that the client had already decided to terminate the existing life contract, the real question as what to do with the funds?
  • The Advisor recommended MoneyGuard based on the client’s lack of a risk management strategy around Long-Term Care and the need for preservation of and access to cash values.
  • The exchange amount was not enough to fully insure the risk, with a level benefit design only producing a monthly benefit of $3945.
  • Based on an “optimized benefits” design and the knowledge that nearly 90% of LTC claims occur after age 70, the Advisor recommended an alternative design that used MoneyGuard’s COLA feature to optimize benefits.
  • The optimized design produced $4686 in monthly benefits at age 70 and $6298 at age 80, where over 63% of Long-Term Care claims occur.
  • The end result? A great solution for the client, and $80K of MoneyGuard premium placed in force.


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