Transamerica has launched a “Learn and Earn” incentive that offers a series of training opportunities along with corresponding compensation incentives for sales of Transamerica products. This program can increase engagement with an agency’s overall marketing strategy, as well as represent a portion of a larger training initiative. Read on for more details!

Transamerica Introduces the Learn and Earn Promotion

Transamerica has been hard at work investigating client demographic and psychographic data to identify specific client “personas” that are more inclined to both need and purchase specific risk management and retirement solutions. This research has lead to the launch of the Insurables Learn and Earn promotion, and the platform is another source of marketing content for agencies.

The Insurables Learn and Earn promotion is designed to reward Advisors for doing business with Transamerica Brokerage by offering the opportunity to learn more about key client markets and earn prizes and potential commission enhancements on new sales.

  • Advisors can register for the program at where they can watch a series of videos about specific types of clients.*
  • After they watch each video and complete a short quiz, they’ll have a chance to receive some exciting rewards.
  • Eligible Advisors who complete the first video module will earn an additional 10% commission enhancement on their next TransNavigatorSM IUL case.**
  • Plus, after each video module, eligible Advisors will be entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a prize valued at $250.
But wait….there’s more.
  • Eligible Advisors who complete all six video modules and meet minimum levels of production will be entered into the Grand Prize sweepstakes.***
  • At the conclusion of The Insurables program, a Grand Prize winner will be randomly selected to choose among a variety of luxury travel packages.
  • Two Runner-Up winners will also be selected to choose a vacation package.

Additional Details

Terms and Conditions
  • *This trade promotion is open and offered to legal residents of the 50 U.S. states (except NY) and D.C. who are actively contracted Independent Sales Agents for qualifying Transamerica Life Insurance Company products, 18 years of age or older and are producers in the Brokerage General Agency, Cedar Rapids Brokerage or TA Senior Markets distributions.
  • **Commission Enhancements are only available for contracted producers in good standing with Transamerica Life Insurance Company (“TLIC”) at the time a Commission Enhancement is processed by TLIC. Only producers selling in the Brokerage General Agency, Cedar Rapids Brokerage or TA Senior Markets distributions are eligible.
  • ***To become eligible for the Grand Prize sweepstakes, producers must complete all six of The Insurables video modules and: sell at least $10,000 of premium with Transamerica during The Insurables program period; or mail in a Grand Prize sweepstakes entry form by March 31, 2016.
  • Under current tax laws and regulations, gross income includes amounts received as prizes and awards. Accordingly, the value of your award will be treated as additional compensation for purposes of any applicable tax reporting.