Experience matters. In this case, it led to the recognition of the subtle differences between operational protocols on an aviation case. The result? A win for the Advisor and Voya to the tune of $219K in Target Premium, unlocked by the Voya Underwriter’s experience and relationships.


Underwriting: Aviation
Target: $218,908


  • A 60-year-old male was looking for $5MM of estate planning coverage and $3MM of Business Succession coverage.
  • The insured applied at several insurance companies and had received flat extras due to his well documented business aviation activities.


  • Susan Graham-Cutts, Advanced Underwriting Consultant, Voya


  • The advisor’s general agent reached out for assistance as they could not sell a policy with a flat extra.
  • Fortunately through deeper analysis the underwriting team was able to uncover several favorable elements of his aviation activities, including:
    • He only flies within the US
    • The type of jet that he flies
    • The fact that he flies for business with a co-pilot, a retired Delta Pilot.
    • The fact that he owns the plane but leases it back to a charter company.
    • The charter company then provides daily maintenance on the plane as part of their agreement that is “Part 135 Certified”.
  • Typical aviation cases involve planes that are maintained under Part 91 – General Operating and Flight Rules versus Part 135 – Operating Requirements: Commuter and On Demand Operations – which is significantly more stringent.
  • Susan had an internal guideline of a $.48 flat extra, but she was confident she could get the reinsurers on board with no flat extra.
  • Through her contacts Susan was able to negotiate a Standard offer with no flat extra through the reinsurers.
  • Susan’s reinsurance relationships allowed Voya to win the case and $218,908 in target premium.