Assumptions kill cases, and in this case, almost took a relationship with it. Even with all the change in our industry, it remains a “relationship business” and in this case, Protective clearly understood all that was at stake and how they could assist the Member Firm in preserving a key client relationship for their producer.


Product: Custom Choice UL
Target: $11,650


  • An advisor group has partnered with a Wealth Management Firm to generate $600,000 of life insurance commission revenue in 2015.
  • The first case opportunity was a dual application accumulation and protection combination. The advisor took one Pacific Life and one Protective application.
  • The insurance specialist within the Wealth Management Firm placed the Pacific Life policy at Select Preferred Rates, and assumed that the Preferred offer received from Protective was the best class available, never involved the advisor, and told this to the client.
  • Of course, the client eventually found out there was a better class available and was not happy that he did not receive the best class offer from Protective.


  • Custom Choice UL Product, lifetime level pay for $1MM of DB
  • Protective Regional Vice President Brad Bryant and Protective Underwriter Jim Mueller


  • The advisor contacted their Regional Vice President to explain the situation, and the required underwriting decision to place the case.
  • The same day, the advisor received confirmation that the underwriting offer had been improved to Super Preferred Rates.
  • Policy placed for approximately $11,650 of target, but more importantly, Protective and the advisor helped their new Wealth Advisory Firm save face with the advisor.