Mutual’s Chronic Illness Rider, available at ALL underwriting classes, is a natural fit for clients who can’t qualify for traditional Long-Term Care insurance coverage based on a few dings and dents in their health history. In this Case Success Story, Mutual of Omaha earns $77K of Target Premium using this unique element of their Chronic Illness Rider.


Product: GUL with Chronic Illness ABR
Target: $77,454


  • An advisor has a female client, age 63, with a life insurance need of $5MM.
  • The client was also seeking Long-Term Care coverage in addition to the death benefit.
  • Unfortunately, the client had been declined for the LTC coverage based on the morbidity underwriting that accompanies Long-Term Care Riders.


  • Mutual of Omaha GUL with Chronic Illness ABR


  • The advisor illustrated the Mutual of Omaha GUL with a level pay design guaranteeing the death benefit out to age 120.
  • Mutual of Omaha GUL automatically includes the Accelerated Death Benefit riders at no additional cost and no table rating restrictions.
  • The client can now enjoy the ADB rider coverage even though she was not approved for Long-Term Care coverage with other carriers.
  • Mutual of Omaha allows acceleration of up to $1MM of coverage, one of the highest total benefit amounts in the industry.
  • Mutual of Omaha’s acceleration cap of 80% of face amount is also one of the highest in the industry for this type of rider.
  • $77,454 of target placed with Mutual of Omaha