Most of our advisors already know and use CBS as a resource for medical underwriting support. What they may not know, is that our work also includes assistance on the financial underwriting side. This is an excellent example of why you should get us involved. Here, an advisor was helped to show MetLife why $15MM on a Key Person at a start up made perfect sense.


Underwriting: Financial Justification for Key Person at Start Up Company
Target: $23,240


  • A start up company was seeking $15MM of Key Person coverage for a 54-year-old-male to protect investors on a Real Estate Project.
  • The case had been declined previously due to financial justification as the original agency did not package the company’s financials correctly.


  • Underwriter Jennifer Cuddeford began to build a financial package to justify such a large line.
  • The below items formed the financial package:
    • The proposed insured had been involved in similar successful real estate transactions and was able to supply past financial details on those projects.
    • The initial balance sheets of the company to show the original capital infusion from the investors in the project
    • Tax returns from the company to show the partner’s capital accounts
    • Cover letter from the managing company detailing the need for insurance and why the insured was the “Key Person” of the project
    • The Management and Operating Agreement between the company and insured which detailed his role and compensation.
    • Questions and answers from Jennifer at MetLife and the insured himself.
  • The end result was a complete, fully documented file that justified the large, $15MM line of insurance
  • As a result of the collaboration on the financial package, $23,240 of target was placed with MetLife.