Having the highest projected income on a retirement supplement case is great, but when there is more to the story that addresses additional client objectives and minimizes interest rate risk it becomes great planning, and competes even more strongly against non-insurance alternatives. Read on to see just how the WealthPreserve SIUL from Lincoln delivers on this case.


Product: Lincoln WealthPreserve Survivorship IUL
Target: $19,385


  • An AIN advisor has a male client age 56 and female client age 51 with a life insurance need and a desire to supplement their retirement income.
  • The clients have maxed out traditional retirement funding options and make are unable to fund a Roth IRA based on their current income.
  • They have a fixed premium budget of $36,000 per year, and need the income to commence in policy year 24 based on other retirement planning.


  • Lincoln Financial WealthPreserve Survivorship IUL


  • The advisor illustrated the Lincoln WealthPreserve Survivorship IUL funded until their planned retirement at her age 67.
  • The clients are interested in taking tax free distributions at age 75 through age 90 which projects an annual income of $173,041.
  • The client pays $576,000 cumulative out of pocket premiums for a return of $2,595,615 of tax free distributions during retirement.
  • The net death benefit never falls below $800,000, and quickly rebuilds at the end of the income phase.
  • The 5.5% guaranteed loan rate was a key element from a product and carrier selection process, providing protection against anticipated higher future interest rates.
  • $19,385 of target premium placed with Lincoln Financial.