Partnership is a word that is often thrown around rather carelessly in our business. Not in this case, however, as the long-standing relationship with the AIG Regional Vice-President was instrumental to AIG winning the case despite fierce competition and initially adverse underwriting results.


Product & Underwriting: Elite Global Plus and Cardiac Underwriting
Target: $694,000


  • A 67-year-old male was contemplating the use of an Indexed UL as a source of supplemental retirement income.
  • Multiple questions remained unanswered, including the following:
    • Carrier selection
    • Product selection
    • Finance, or pay out of pocket?
  • All of this BEFORE the question of actual medical underwriting was addressed.


  • American General Elite Global Plus IUL


  • As a result of a long-standing relationship with the advisor, Steve Burns, AIG Regional Vice President was referred in to consult on the case.
  • Steve helped the advisor think through the decisions that had yet to be made around product choice and design, ultimately electing an out of pocket design using the AIG Elite Global Plus.
  • As happens in most cases of this size, there was a late entrant to the case: Zurich Life. Steve continued in his role of consultant and along with the Member Firm, ultimately confirmed the choice to move forward with AIG.
  • With all the roadblocks seemingly cleared, the case entered formal underwriting only to result in a Table B offer based on new findings: An abnormal EKG!
  • A strategy was outlined to try and get back to a Standard or better offer on the case:
    • Complete a Pro BNP and EKG: Offer improved to Standard based on the findings
    • Complete a new Stress Echo: Offer improved to Preferred based on the findings!
  • With this final hurdle cleared, the case was issued and placed in force.
  • $694K of Target Premium placed with AIG!