Great service comes in two forms: Consistent execution under normal conditions and superlative execution when circumstances demand more from a team.  Accordia’s New Business Team rose to the occasion in a big way on this year-end case. Read on to learn how they turned four cases in 48 hours and meet a hard deadline.


Underwriting: Incredible Turnaround Time
Target: $1,693,347


  • An advisor had a family of four individuals all applying for cases with 6-figure targets.
  • The insureds’ required the policies to be paid by year-end for tax reasons.
  • The applications were submitted late in December so Accordia only had a few business days to turn the case around.


  • Rhonda Barnett, Accordia New Business
  • Leann Yates, Accordia Life New Business Manager
  • Steve Harris, Accordia Underwriting Manager


  • Within 24 hours the file and all database checks were on Steve Harris’ desk.
  • With the necessary requirements in order Steve approved all 4 cases and with Leann and Rhonda’s continued support they were issued in 24 hours
  • $1,693,347 in Target Premium placed with Accordia Life

These four cases are an unbelievable example of how committed the Accordia New Business Team is to the partnership with AIN. Meet the Team by clicking through to the Accordia New Business Contact Sheet so they can help you bring your next tough case home!