John Hancock announced their revolutionary new approach to life insurance, the Vitality Program on April 8th. This program, currently available on Protection UL 15 and Term with Vitality, is a completely new way to think about life insurance. Read on for more on the John Hancock Vitality Program and how it makes life insurance feel brand new.

The John Hancock Vitality Program: A New Kind of Life Insurance

From John Hancock:

At John Hancock, we think life insurance should reward you for living. That’s why we are introducing a new approach to life insurance that helps you secure your financial future and pursue a longer, healthier life. We’ve partnered with Vitality, a global leader provider of interactive, personalized wellness programs, to recognize and reward you for living a healthy life. In fact, the healthier your lifestyle, the more you can save – and the greater your potential rewards.

This new platform combines a wide array of elements into a cohesive, lifestyle approach to buying and owning life insurance. Social Media, Activity Tracking, Healthy Lifestyle, Work/Life Balance and more are all combined to deliver the protection clients need in a way that engages insureds throughout their lifetime and rewards them for healthy living. Life insurance with the John Hancock Vitality Program can:

  • Help clients significantly lower their premiums – as much as 15% year after year depending upon the product and their level of participation*
  • Change the conversation by making it about healthy living
  • Provide additional discounts and rewards from national brands and retailers
  • Engage your clients in meaningful discussions at the point of sale and throughout their lives

To learn all about the John Hancock Vitality Program, please visit their producer microsite: or their consumer site:

The Products

Currently, the Vitality Program is available on two John Hancock insurance Products:

How it Works

  • Accumulate Vitality Points: Clients earn Vitality Points by completing simple everyday activities to stay healthy, like going to the gym, getting annual health screenings, staying tobacco-free, and more!
  • Achieve a Vitality Status: Each year, clients earn a Vitality Status based on the number of Vitality Points they accumulate (Bronze – 0 points, Silver – 3,500 points, Gold – 7,000 points, and Platinum – 10,000 points).
  • Enjoy Savings and Rewards: The higher a client’s Vitality Status, the more they can save on premiums and the greater their rewards and discounts. View our Premium Savings Flyer.

About Vitality

For more about John Hancock’s partner, The Vitality Group, please see this release from John Hancock.